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In everything we do, Fuentek:

  • Provides our clients with actionable roadmaps for success
  • Helps our clients fulfill their strategic vision
  • Builds our clients’ capabilities

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About Fuentek

Since 2001, Fuentek has helped universities, government labs, and commercial companies worldwide manage their intellectual property (IP) proactively, efficiently, and effectively.

We are a trusted advisor, helping clients manage their IP portfolios, find the technologies they need, make sound R&D investment decisions, and improve their performance.

Our team of 25+ highly experienced consultants offers broad technical expertise, real-world business experience, and unparalleled communications capabilities — providing the greatest value and the highest quality in the tech transfer industry.

Innovation, Intellectual Property (IP), and Technology Transfer Consultants

We specialize in:

  • Establishing/Building technology transfer offices (TTOs)
  • Managing innovation/IP portfolios
  • Establishing agreements for technology licenses, collaborative R&D, and other partnerships
  • Implementing open innovation and technology sourcing
  • Strategic planning for innovation-based organizations
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and startups

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Fuentek Services

We help clients:

  1. Establish strategies, policies, and programs to boost productivity, stretch resources, increase impact, and meet metrics
  2. Negotiate win-win deals for technology licenses, technology sourcing, startups, partnerships, R&D collaborations, strategic alliances, and more
  3. Manage innovation and IP proactively, efficiently, and effectively
  4. Communicate effectively with prospective licensees, partners as well as with researchers, management, administrators, management boards, and other stakeholders
  5. Make sound decisions for R&D, IP, and business development based on astute market analysis and insightful competitive intelligence
  6. Educate and empower innovators, entrepreneurs, IP management staff and interns, and others to take innovation to the next level and maximize success

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