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How to Improve Data Integrity at Your Tech Transfer Office
Garbage in, garbage out. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s also a truism for data integrity, as Becky Stoughton and I discussed at a recent webinar. Both of us know firsthand the importance of establishing and maintaining data integrity for TTOs. Since we had some valuable insights to provide to TTOs, let’s consider the tweets @fuentek sent out during the webinar in a little more depth.
Tenure and Promotion Trends: Key Takeaways from the AUTM Eastern Region Meeting
In October I was honored to moderate a session at AUTM’s Eastern Region Meeting in Raleigh, NC, delving into the wide range of initiatives that universities are undertaking to consider tech transfer activities in tenure and promotion reviews. Our panelists support the inclusion of commercialization activities in faculty advancement decisions and offered specific examples from their own experience for the field to consider moving forward.
Top Tips on Standard Operating Procedures for Tech Transfer Offices
Last month, Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe and I led a webinar discussing how technology transfer offices (TTOs) can improve their performance and productivity by effectively using standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our insights are based on first-hand experience, best practices, and real-world examples from providing consulting services to dozens of TTOs. We live tweeted the presentation, and today I’d like to revisit and elaborate on those tweets.
Common Themes in Stimulating Commercial Innovation
I had the pleasure to recently co-host an Innovation Roundtable on ‘Managing Corporate Innovation Across Sites’ with Wellspring Worldwide. Attended by a diverse cross-section of innovation leaders from industries including finance, high tech, and manufacturing, this interactive forum provided a unique opportunity to exchange best practices, ideas, and challenges in driving innovation.
Including Commercialization in Tenure and Promotion Decisions: A Poll
As research universities are placing an increased emphasis on economic development, we agree that it’s entirely appropriate—even essential—that faculty advancement decisions include activities in tech transfer, innovation, and entrepreneurship, just as they include published research papers in these decisions. We are excited to delve into this topic at a session we’re moderating this fall at AUTM’s Eastern Region Meeting in Raleigh, NC.
University-Industry Engagement Outside Major Metro Areas: Workshop Insights
What do Stanford, Univ. Alabama, Arizona State, and Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have in common? They’re all in non-metropolitan areas. And that’s the focus of the conference I presented at this week. Hosted by UIDP and the University of Arkansas, this university-industry engagement workshop brought together a diverse collection of higher education institutions from outside major metropolitan areas. These universities face common as well as unique challenges.
Advice for Running an Effective Gap Funding Program
I was recently chatting with folks in the technology transfer office (TTO) at the University of Vermont (UVM). They asked Fuentek to help again this year with evaluating proposals for the SPARK-VT gap funding program. SPARK-VT is designed “to address the challenges of translating novel research into the community” by funding additional research and commercialization. Last year, Fuentek was asked to help evaluate proposals.
Managing Intellectual Property Proactively, Efficiently, and Effectively
Proactive management of intellectual property (IP) is essential for your R&D organization, regardless of whether it’s a university, private company, government lab, hospital, or not-for-profit research organization. Being proactive helps you focus on achieving your goals rather than reactively putting out fires, and it enables more efficient and effective operations. To make your TTO or other IP operation more proactive, consider the following recommendations and guidance.
How to Economically and Efficiently Source Technology for Your Company
Whether you want to improve your own business or introduce a new product or service line, technology/innovation is usually a major part of the solution. With all of the R&D at universities and government labs, it’s not always necessary to start from scratch to create that new solution or improvement. In fact, it’s best to always start by looking outside your company using open innovation—or better yet, Symbiotic Innovation—tactics.
Strengthening Your Strengths, Solving Your Struggles with Strategic Solutions
In providing technology transfer services to R&D organizations, Fuentek has developed strategies for maximizing team strengths and skills, solving organizational pickles, and communicating value to leadership. Today’s post can help significantly improve your capabilities and operations. For example, when it comes to understanding how your IP management team is performing, metrics are your greatest ally. They help you get where you want to go by accurately revealing where you are.