Although not nearly as costly as hosting tech transfer events, attending a relevant industry conference still requires a significant financial and time commitment. So, it’s important for your technology transfer office (TTO) attendees to achieve tangible outcomes. (Plus, you don’t want it perceived a junket.) Here is some advice based on our extensive experience supporting TTOs. Continue reading

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Following up on my last post discussing best practices for using events as a form of technology transfer marketing, today I’d like to discuss the specifics of hosting your own event. Putting on a tech transfer–focused event can be challenging. Even relatively small events require significant planning, not only from a content perspective but also all the logistics. Here’s what we have learned in helping a range of technology transfer offices (TTOs) put on a variety of events. Continue reading

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Many university technology transfer offices (TTOs) use events as a key tool for marketing their innovations to potential licensees. They attend industry conferences, they host technology showcases, and they even go to the tech-specific level with web-based briefings. Events such as these can provide a valuable opportunity to engage with potential licensees and sponsored-research partners. For offices that are also charged with assisting their startups, this is a chance to engage with potential investors as well. And when done effectively, events can help you take a major step forward in securing a deal. Continue reading

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Ah, fall! University students return to campus. And technology transfer offices (TTOs) have the opportunity to establish–or enhance–their internship program. Longtime readers of the Fuentek blog know that we have a lot of experience setting up new  TTO internship programs. From planning the program to selecting the candidates to training and mentoring the interns, we’ve done it all. We even published a white paper about it. So today, while I’m feeling slightly nostalgic for David Letterman, I’d like to have a little fun while I share Fuentek insights about tech transfer internship programs. Continue reading

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This summer, Fuentek will present two webinars you won’t want to miss. Both focus on how to enhance the relationship between the researchers developing intellectual property (IP) and the technology transfer office (TTO) professionals tasked with protecting and commercializing it. Because … Continue reading

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Becky Stoughton and Kerry Swift discuss what makes a high-quality invention disclosure.What makes an invention disclosure a high-quality invention disclosure? This is an interesting question that has nothing to do with the quality of the technology. Fundamentally, a high-quality disclosure includes enough detail for a patent attorney to identify novel aspects for patentability. It also includes the inventor’s perspective on the technology’s commercialization value. This helps the TTO to better evaluate the invention’s market potential and commercialization options. Unfortunately, many invention disclosure submissions come up short. The possible reasons for this vary. But mostly it seems to boil down to a lack of researcher understanding of the importance and role of the invention disclosure. Continue reading

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The Fuentek team is getting ready to head down to Florida for the 2017 meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers® (AUTM®). AUTM’s national meeting provides a great opportunity for technology transfer professionals to network with universities, industry, investors, and research institutions. It’s also an excellent way to learn about the latest advancements in tech transfer and even advance your career. Fuentek has long participated in the annual meeting, from moderating sessions to speaking and exhibiting. And this year is no exception. Here’s a sneak peek into our plans for this year. Continue reading

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When thinking about the value of a licensing agreement, it’s easy to focus on the financial terms, such as up-front payments and royalty rates. However, licensing revenue isn’t the only area to negotiate financial terms. And in many cases, non-financial terms can have significant value. Financial terms beyond licensing revenue are pretty straightforward to negotiate. For a university… Continue reading

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Invention disclosures are a technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) bread and butter. Therefore, TTO success depends in large part on having a productive relationship with your organization’s researchers. Building a strong foundation with researchers is an ongoing process that happens before, during, and after they file their invention disclosures. Fuentek’s experience has shown that there are three areas where a TTO can focus these efforts… Continue reading

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Our regular readers know that metrics for technology transfer offices (TTOs) is a frequent topic for the Fuentek blog. Today I’m going to provide some how-to tips for getting the most out of your tech transfer metrics tracking efforts — specifically, gathering, analyzing, and using metrics. Continue reading

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