Introducing the all-new Fuentek website!

Introducing the new

Editor’s Note: The Fuentek Web site was revised on October 25, 2013. Check out our new home page.

I was very proud this week to announce the launch of the all-new Fuentek Web site! This redesign of our previous award-winning site was truly a collaborative effort involving several members of Fuentek’s talented team. This team has developed many Web sites for our own tech transfer clients, including NASA and academic institutions. Since building our previous site, this work for our clients has offered us many insights into what makes for a truly effective Web site, and we’ve used that cumulative knowledge and other experience to revamp

The new site delves into the details of our five core services:

  • Technology transfer
  • Intellectual property (IP) management
  • Collaborative R&D consulting
  • Technology marketing communications
  • Technology transfer training

We’ve also included extensive samples of our client work over the past 10 years, and an “Insights” section to help visitors quickly find consolidated how-to and best practices information on a variety of topics, including Symbiotic Innovation, virtual workplaces, using social media tools in marketing IP, and more.

Most important, we have included information about Fuentek’s core values. These values—creativity, communication, commitment, validation, innovation, and value-added—are a part of everything we do. I’m pleased to share Fuentek’s inner workings with our site’s visitors.

Thinking about revamping your Web presence in 2011? We’ve published a white paper about how to build an effective tech transfer website. Check it out here.


Posted by Laura Schoppe

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