Getting the Most Out of Inventor Interviews: Webcast Now Available

I always enjoy getting to talk with inventors about their innovations, don’t you? True, I don’t get to talk to every innovator for the technologies I see in my work with Fuentek, since we save our inventor interviews for those techs that pass our preliminary screening. But I do get to interview the innovator as we begin planning for technology marketing.

With thoughtful preparation and execution, these interviews provide critical insights to guide the tech transfer effort—not to mention help build a solid relationship with innovators. If your technology transfer office (TTO) uses interns as part of the technology evaluation process, inventor interviews can play a critical role in an intern’s understanding of the disclosure. A side benefit of inventor interviews is that they help you identify inventors who describe their technology very well, which could make it worthwhile to include an inventor podcast in the technology marketing materials.

Given the importance of inventor interviews, Fuentek has released a new webcast that offers some tips about how we make the most of these all-important discussions. In less than five minutes you’ll get details about:

  • The types of questions to ask, depending on the category and stage of technology development
  • Preparing for and guiding the interview
  • Building credibility with inventors to strengthen future relationships
  • Follow-up steps to complete after the interview

Simple registration gives you immediate access to this free webcast (your info is safe with us).

This webcast is excerpted from our full webinar video, A Step-by-Step Process for Technology Screenings: Technology Triage for TTO Professionals and Interns. The webinar provides many more details about Fuentek’s proven technology screening process. And your purchase of the video includes access to a live online Q&A to get answers to any follow-up questions you may have. Hope to “see” you there!

Do you have a good inventor interview story to share? Add a comment below or send us a private message via our Contact Us page.




Posted by Danielle McCulloch

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