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Screenshot of http://www.fuentek.com/insights-IP-mgmt-processes.php?i=0Screenshot of http://www.fuentek.com/insights-best-practices.php?i=0If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that Fuentek is pleased to share the insights we’ve learned in the past decade of providing technology transfer services to a wide range of clients. From our real-world Stories from the Field to our blog posts on marketing intellectual property to the various in-depth white papers, webcasts, and podcasts we release, we take an open approach, sharing our knowledge so that the entire technology transfer industry can grow, innovate, and achieve ever-better results. (If you haven’t read it before, check out Laura Schoppe’s post: Putting the “Open” in Open Services Innovation.)

So it is with great pleasure that we unveil the newly updated Insights section of the Fuentek Web site. This section gathers together the many diverse resources we offer on a wide range of tech transfer topics.

At first glance, it might look like very little has changed, since the main sections are the same: hot topics, key best practices, IP management processes, your online presence, university and government focus, and running an effective office.

However, as you dig deeper, you’ll notice that we’ve done a bit of organizing. For example, the “Technology Evaluation” sub-section of IP Management Processes is now organized according to the big picture of Fuentek’s approach to technology evaluation, specifics on screenings and assessments, and other insights.

Similarly, our key best practices on Symbiotic Innovation have been organized to explain the SI concept, how to implement it, how it relates to open innovation, and other insights.

We think you will find this new format a useful way to peruse, download, and apply to your day-to-day work the Insights we have been sharing with the tech transfer industry. Let us know what you think by submitting a comment below or sending us a private message via our Contact Us page.

Posted by Nancy Pekar

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