Innovators can often be a huge asset when you are in discussions with a potential licensee. After all, they bring more knowledge and expertise about the invention to the table than anyone else. They also often are a good source of information about potential applications and target markets. But as we at Fuentek have learned over many years of experience, one should never underestimate the strength of the connection between the innovator and his or her invention–and how that can help or hinder the commercialization process. Let’s take a look at a specific example. Continue reading

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U turnWhen moving from the screening into the assessment phase of IP management, it’s important to keep an open mind—and open ears—during the market-based assessment. I say “ears” because Fuentek assessments include interviews with industry experts, which provide extremely valuable market information that guides decisions about how, where, and when—or even whether—to begin marketing the technology. Listening carefully to what industry experts have to say about the market’s needs with respect to the technology lets you know which action is most appropriate. And in some cases, this means not merely holding off on marketing but actually stopping the assessment early. Let’s take a look at a real-world example. Continue reading

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Faculty Support - Before and AfterA conversation on one of the AUTM® discussion groups a bit ago focused on formalizing a technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) triage process. The director initiating the discussion was contemplating using interns for technology triage because his resources are limited. He also wanted his licensing project managers to remain focused on getting deals executed. Overall, his plan was to start providing feedback on inventions in a standardized format and within a certain timeframe. And part of the goal was to improve relations and build credibility with faculty. Continue reading

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Buckyball Molecular ModelPrioritizing an intellectual property (IP) portfolio is an important, and often huge, task for tech transfer offices (TTOs). In today’s Stories from the Field post, I share details of how an effective IP Portfolio Optimization helped a university do more than just prioritize its IP for future technology transfer and marketing efforts. A major research university approached Fuentek about screening a group of 30 technologies in the nanotechnology sector… Continue reading

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As we head back to work, still full of gratitude (and mashed potatoes!) from the gatherings of the holiday, I find I have another reason to be thankful: I’ve been selected among hundreds of candidates to be featured on the 2012 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. The calendar features daily advice from successful women business owners across the United States and Canada on topics such as strategy, team building, marketing, and finance. As a female owner of a small business, I am quite passionate about… Continue reading

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It’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally I’m taking stock of the good people and things in my life for which I am very grateful. This of course includes so many aspects of Fuentek and the work we do as a virtual company as well as my life outside of work. Below are just a few of the (mostly work) things I give thanks for this holiday. Continue reading

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Last week I gave a presentation at a tech transfer workshop for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This workshop was well timed, given President Obama’s recent memorandum announcing a new directive requiring all federal research labs to bolster and streamline technology transfer efforts to increase the likelihood and efficiency of getting research results to market. Attendees at the DoD meeting discussed the memo as well as possible solutions, as each agency has been tasked with presenting a plan back to the President on how they will achieve his goals. Possible solutions have been at the top of my mind recently as well…. Continue reading

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Knowledge InvestorsI am proud of how Fuentek has offered knowledge leadership and training for tech transfer professionals across the U.S. through our white papers, webinars, and other educational services. Now, we’ve linked up with a company in Spain to expand that knowledge transfer to European organizations looking to increase the return on investment for research and development through tech transfer. Specifically, we’ve recently partnered with Knowledge Investors of Vigo, Spain, a company that collaborates with universities, companies, and investors to generate and develop business opportunities within the fields of science and technology. If you don’t speak Spanish, click the inglés link in the upper-right corner of their site…. Continue reading

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ramp-up-to-techtransfer-marketingOnce the technology transfer office (TTO) knows that a technology is fit for commercialization, it’s time to ramp up for actual marketing. This involves a variety of proactive research and planning activities that are critical for successful and cost-effective marketing. Identify the Target Market Developing a roadmap for successful marketing starts with identifying exactly who your prospective licensees are. The best practice is to start by considering the value chain. Because the value chain outlines the primary players in an industry, it is an essential tool to identify target markets and prospective licensees. It can also help ensure that you don’t waste time talking to companies who may be “interested” in your technology because they may want to use it but are not in the right value chain position to license it. Continue reading

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At Fuentek, we’re constantly monitoring industry literature and the blogosphere for the latest news, information, and trends. Several items have come up recently that I think should be required reading for tech transfer pros. Continue reading

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