In preparing to give a new webinar on actively managing IP portfolios, I have been thinking a lot about efficiency. Because time is always limited, you must make the most of what you have. So, today I’m offering Fuentek’s insights about the time associated with strategically managing the IP portfolio. Continue reading

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A large percentage of university and government technologies have niche applications. So it’s a treat to have an innovation with broad market potential. So how do you identify the potential licensees? And which do you contact first? Today’s Marketing Mondays post helps you answer those questions. Continue reading

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Listen UpMarketing technologies has never been easy. And grabbing the attention of busy decision makers is more challenging than ever. So, today I’m going to share Fuentek’s top tips for developing compelling and appealing content when marketing innovations. Based on our years of experience successfully marketing our clients’ technologies, this advice helps ensure your target Audience hears your Message — regardless of the Mechanism you use — so you can achieve your Outcome. Continue reading

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fuentek_ammo_horizontal_basicOne of the top topics at any tech transfer industry meeting is technology marketing. Just a few weeks ago, one of the most popular sessions at the AUTM™ Eastern Region Meeting was on the topic of “guerrilla marketing.” We have blogged a lot about marketing strategies and various marketing tools over the years. And as the tech transfer profession has evolved, we have developed new insights that we would like to share. So we’ve decided to get our readers caught up by offering a systematic treatment of the topic in our new series: Marketing Mondays. We will discuss developing effective collateral, strategically reaching out to prospects, and converting the qualified leads into licensees. Of course, any discussion of technology marketing has to begin with the AMMO, which Fuentek developed years ago and has been applying successfully for our clients ever since. Continue reading

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Green apples and one orange on blue wooden backgroundLast month there was a series of posts on the AUTM members discussion group on the topic of metrics. Metrics is a topic that Fuentek has thought about before. And we’ve recently completed several organizational analysis projects with a heavy metrics component. So I wanted to chime in with some context and best practices. Then I offer some specific recommendations for TTO metrics. Continue reading

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Photo courtesy of Jason Powell of the University of Vermont • Used with permissionWant to pack a room? Talk about gap funding at the Eastern Region Meeting (ERM) of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM®). Recently I had the pleasure of moderating the “Found in Translation: Making the Most of Gap Funding” session at AUTM-ERM with four panelists: Richard Chylla of Michigan State University, Corine Farewell of the University of Vermont (UVM), Marc Sedam of the University of New Hampshire, and Todd Sherer of Emory University. In sharing their experience and insights, these panelists represented a diversity of perspectives… Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsThis past summer saw quite a few news stories and commentary that we here at Fuentek think are worth reading for technology transfer offices (TTOs). One in particular — Daniel Isenberg’s “Do Startups Really Create Lots of Good Jobs?” — was considered all by itself. Today’s post provides even more grist for the tech transfer mill. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Hand with marker writing the word Facts MythsAn interesting article in Harvard Business Review caught my attention… mostly because its message sounded very familiar. In the article, entrepreneurship ecosystems pioneer Daniel Isenberg asks an important question: Do Startups Really Create Lots of Good Jobs? He suggests that the startups-create-jobs idea has experienced “the truth effect,” gaining legitimacy and becoming accepted as fact when the reality is far different: Continue reading

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valuechain-webcast-iconToday, we’re releasing a new webcast that discusses how to develop a value chain to identify whom to contact to get the best market feedback on the technology. The value chain charts the sequence of companies (or collaborating players) that take a product from raw material to final product or service to satisfy market demand. It maps the categories of players within a segment of an industry, providing context about the supplier-customer relationships. It not only outlines the primary players in an industry but also helps you think through how the technology will deliver added value to this industry. Continue reading

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PrintLeading companies actively manage their IP portfolio as a strategic and financial asset. Those that are more passive are missing out on potential new revenue streams or cost-saving opportunities. But they don’t have to. Fuentek teamed up with PatSnap to offer a free webinar on strategically managing the IP portfolio. Continue reading

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