If you’ve implemented an internship program at your technology transfer office (TTO) this summer, chances are good that your interns are in the thick of doing technology screenings. How is the program going? What are your lessons learned? Are you seeing areas in which you might consider changes for the intern program next year? We’d love to hear from you.

Or maybe your TTO’s interns start in the fall. In that case, you might appreciate some of our lessons learned on hiring TTO interns, training them, and the ongoing mentoring that’s needed. Continue reading

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As regular readers of the Fuentek blog know, we believe that social media is an efficient and effective tool to boost your technology transfer office’s (TTO’s) online presence, driving more licensing prospects to your Web site and feeding the pipeline that helps you secure more deals. Perhaps the most powerful way to drive traffic to your TTO’s Web site is to blog about the technologies you have available for licensing.
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Fuentek is a big believer in the power of a specific, tailored marketing message. Our own marketing communications process follows the AMMO approach: Audience Message Mechanism Outcome. You may have read about AMMO on our blog in the past, but we wanted to highlight a few more details of this approach, specifically related to the Message. So, we’ve put together a free webcast to give you expert insight into the nuances of Crafting Your Tech Marketing Message. Continue reading

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Our latest poll asked the question: What does your tech transfer office (TTO) find to be the most effective way to encourage innovator participation in tech transfer? As you can see by the chart, more than two-fifths of respondents said training was their most important tool. And as regular readers of our blog know, we agree. Training sessions we’ve provided to researchers on the basics of tech transfer as well as open innovation topics have done wonders to help TTOs connect with innovators.

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I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to work with my Fuentek colleagues on redesigning the Web site for Georgia Tech’s trio of technology commercialization offices. The new site brings together the activities of Georgia Tech’s Office of Technology Licensing, Enterprise Innovation Institute, and Industry Contracting Office—all under one user-friendly domain that makes it easy for innovators, researchers, and potential partners to learn more about technology transfer at Georgia Tech. Continue reading

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I just returned from a fantastic trip to conduct a technology transfer training session for inventors at NASA’s Glenn Research Center (GRC). I led a session for some of GRC’s brightest and best—those developing new innovations to meet the challenges faced by NASA missions. We wanted to give these innovators information about how the technologies they develop can be used beyond what they originally envisioned—and how they play a key role in the technology transfer processes of licensing and partnering. Continue reading

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Fuentek has done a lot of talking and blogging lately about how to make social media work for your technology transfer office (TTO). Most of the major social media sites (Twitter®, LinkedIn®, Facebook®) are likely on your regular hit list, … Continue reading

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Recent experience with a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) has underscored the potential miscommunication that often keeps universities and corporations from peacefully coming to successful negotiations. So, I’d like to take some time to weed through what each party can (and cannot do) and why, in an effort to clear up some misconceptions and potential frustrations. Continue reading

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An article on Huffingtonpost.com’s Tech section about university technology transfer offices (TTOs) recently caught my attention, and I’d like to take a moment to respond to it.

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I recently had the opportunity to serve as a panelist at the Careers in Tech Transfer workshop hosted by Duke University Postdoctoral Services and Duke’s Career Center. Along with industry peers Elizabeth Denholm of the National Institute of Environmental Health … Continue reading

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