Karen Hiser’s recent post about qualifying prospects in order to get to a licensing deal was also reminiscent of our experiences with helping Fuentek clients get to collaborative R&D partnership deals. Although in many ways these deal-making processes overlap, things … Continue reading

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We know that not all technology transfer deals are created equal. And in some cases, the estimated value of a deal can appear to be so low that it’s not worth going after. So how do you know when to abandon the negotiation and when to push for a more lucrative deal? That’s the focus of this Story from the Field. A prospect was interested in licensing our client’s technology, but in the course of qualifying the prospect, Fuentek learned that the company’s rough estimates of sales would yield very little royalty revenue—approximately $3K per year. This low value was hardly worth the effort of negotiating a licensing agreement, so we saw two options… Continue reading

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I’m very excited to be blogging from Nashville, TN where Laura Schoppe and I are attending the 2011 national meeting of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). Yesterday we led a half-day preconference training session covering strategies for … Continue reading

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Having obtained some interesting information in our social media survey last month, Fuentek has started conducting online polls. And the results for our first poll are in! The question was: How long does it take from the time you receive … Continue reading

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Last week, I was talking with a tech transfer professional about our webinar to train interns on performing technology screenings. And the question came up: Why interns? Shouldn’t technology managers screen technologies? I can understand why he asked. Given the … Continue reading

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We are gearing up for Fuentek’s webinar designed to help TTOs put their interns to work on technology screenings. So, we’re taking stock of our own lessons learned from tech transfer intern programs. This Story from the Field is based … Continue reading

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If you monitor the blogosphere like Fuentek does, you undoubtedly have heard about  “crowdsourcing.” The term can take several forms but, in the tech transfer realm, crowdsourcing refers to Web-based systems where organizations with a technical need (seekers) can post … Continue reading

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Yesterday I took a break from my work at Fuentek to be a judge at the 2011 Prometheus Group eGames, presented by the Entrepreneurship Initiative at North Carolina State University. Specifically, I was a judge for the Design and Prototype … Continue reading

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Thanks to Fuentek’s social media efforts, our inbound leads for client technologies have been going up dramatically, as have the leads coming in through more traditional marketing mechanisms. I get so excited every time we generate a new lead for … Continue reading

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