Having spent 15+ years helping major research universities manage their intellectual property (IP), Fuentek knows a great deal about efficient and effective tech transfer. We’ve also seen that many universities struggle to explain this complex process to their stakeholders — administrators, researchers, and even legislators. … Continue reading

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Fuentek VP Becky Stoughton at the Alpha Loft Launch Series event in Manchester, NH.Lots of best practices for technology transfer offices (TTOs) also apply to startups. To leverage that insight, I recently spoke with entrepreneurs in New Hampshire about how to get great feedback from prospective customers when getting a startup off the ground, offering a new product (or service), or breaking into a new market. Similarly, in the tech transfer world, licensing success can be optimized by obtaining robust and comprehensive market feedback through expert interviews. This feedback will inform your strategy for approaching the market as you ramp up to marketing a technology for licensing. For example,… Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsWelcome back to another edition of our “Worth Reading” posts for technology transfer offices (TTOs). As longtime readers of our blog know, we keep an eye on the tech transfer industry and occasionally share the insights of Fuentek’s leadership here. One thing you’ll notice is our first three entries are articles from the March 2016 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics. Now in its tenth year, this newsletter has become a useful resource for keeping up with the tech transfer industry. The in-depth stories they put in print provide extremely useful details not found in the weekly email edition. Continue reading

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Balancing_iStock_000068897451_lowrez_croppedEarlier this spring, NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) signed a license allowing Vigilant Aerospace Systems to integrate its patent-pending sense-and-avoid system into the startup company’s FlightHorizon™ avionics platform. This deal is noteworthy not only because it may improve flight safety for all kinds of aircraft, including UAVs/drones, but also because it provides a valuable tech transfer case study. Continue reading

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PrintI’ve been thinking a lot lately about the similarities between gardening and managing a portfolio of intellectual property (IP). If you have seen our Cultivating Your IP infographic, this comparison isn’t surprising. But the connection is worth considering. Periodically reviewing the IP portfolio is an essential part of tending to the technologies effectively. Today I’m discussing the approach to and process of reviewing the IP portfolio. Prioritize the Backlog: What’s Dead, What’s Ready to Plant? Having worked with dozens of technology transfer offices (TTOs), Fuentek knows it’s easy for invention disclosures to pile up like plants in a greenhouse waiting to be put in the garden. Continue reading

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Register for IRI webinarThis Friday, March 4th at noon EST, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) is focusing its 1-hour “Brown Bag” webinar on Collaborating with Universities and Government Labs. This is a great opportunity for companies to gain tips and useful resources for navigating the partnerships between industry and research institutions. And you don’t have to be a member of IRI to attend Friday’s webinar – it’s open to all. I’m pleased to be a panelist for this interactive, web-based discussion along with Dr. Richard Chylla of Michigan State University. Rich and I co-authored an article published in IRI’s bimonthly journal Research–Technology Management on this very topic. Our conversation on Friday will focus on how to pursue collaborations with academic and government organizations… Continue reading

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Link to our "Cultivate Your IP" infographicFuentek has unique insight into how TTOs can improve their operations for more efficient commercialization of intellectual property (IP). And because we heard from so many TTOs that our Road to Tech Transfer was a valuable tool for communicating with key stakeholders, we thought a new infographic would serve as a useful starting point for sharing our insights for efficient and effective TTO operations. Thinking of the technologies in the IP portfolio as plants, we created the Cultivate Your IP infographic to illustrate TTO best practices for (1) channeling your efforts/resources into the seedlings that are poised to thrive and (2) providing the timely care that allows them to flourish and achieve commercialization success. Continue reading

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One Plus 1 is More Than TwoFor technology-based companies, universities and government labs are a great resource for reducing the risk, cost, and time to market for new products. Not only have they extensive capabilities, expertise, and intellectual property (IP) portfolios, but they also have a growing interest in collaborating with industry. Companies wanting to pursue partnerships with university/government labs now have a new resource to consult for how-to advice. Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsAs 2015 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the news and commentary related to innovation management, technology transfer, intellectual property protection, entrepreneurship, and the future of STEM education that held our attention this past year. Plus a few of our favorite tweets! Happy New Year! Continue reading

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LAatNCSU_2015Earlier this fall, I gave a guest lecture to the Electrical and Computer Engineering students at the North Carolina State University. Mostly my presentation focused on how to present their Senior Design Project effectively. But I also gave some career advice that I’d like to share here today. So, if you’re an undergraduate student in engineering, consider this. Continue reading

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