In recent posts on Marketing Intellectual Property, I have described the merits of implementing an iterative marketing process; validating your decision to invest your resources in commercializing a technology; developing your marketing plan; and executing your plan. Timely checkpoints are … Continue reading

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Ultra-fast semiconductor chipmakers have long awaited compounds that would increase chipset speed. To build a faster chipset, they needed a suitable material that exhibits higher charge mobility than silicon. Although several high-charge mobility compound semiconductor materials are available, they are … Continue reading

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A discussion on the Techno-L forum reminded me of an answer Fuentek came up with a few years ago to the question most commonly facing university offices of technology management (OTMs): What do you do when professors-inventors want to form … Continue reading

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Advanced isolation system lets aircraft “float” in mid-air without a critical lift—for safer state-of-the-art ground vibration testing NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in California is making ground vibration testing (GVT) a whole lot safer with its new Starr Soft Support … Continue reading

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Updated July 2017 ***Note: Fuentek president Laura A. Schoppe is presenting a free webinar on how to improve communication and collaboration between an organization’s R&D units and the IP management/technology transfer office. Learn more and register here.*** Even if you’re … Continue reading

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Engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center have developed technology that allows remote flight support personnel and management to monitor Mission Control Center (MCC) audio streams from the comfort and convenience of their offices. The technology has provided significant benefits to … Continue reading

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Recently I had a chance to talk with independent consultant Phil Simon for his “Technology Today” podcast. Prompted by a story that ran on National Public Radio, this podcast gave us time to dig a little deeper into some of … Continue reading

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Laura Schoppe and I have posted several blog entries recently on the virtues of a virtual organization model, including posts on our recent NPR interview, Flex Options in the Workplace, and the benefits of a virtual team. Laura also wrote … Continue reading

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The dishes you’re used to seeing on houses—you know, the ones that make it look like the homeowner is operating a space observatory—may be on the way out. Researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio have developed a … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago, Jack and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by National Public Radio’s Adam Hochberg about running a virtual company. The story ran today, and you can read an overview or listen to it here. … Continue reading

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