2011-07-14_kid-in-foil-hats_iStock_000016193676LargeAlthough we tend to focus on technology transfer here on the Fuentek blog, our industry is broader than that. One aspect I was asked about recently is knowledge transfer. Specifically, I was asked: Can you suggest a tool to measure/assess quantity and quality of knowledge transfer? This is a complex question since knowledge transfer is more qualitative than quantitative, but metrics gathering is an inherently quantitative exercise. However, there are some quantitative measures that provide a sense of knowledge transfer. Continue reading

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Welcome to the latest post in our “Metrics Monday” series. Today, I’m going to talk about some important metrics that most TTOs don’t track… but should. Why these metrics? Because these three metrics indicate whether your TTO is on the right path to achieving higher targets for your university’s government funding and industry sponsored research agreements (SRAs). And these targets will have a much bigger impact on the local economy than most startups will because they lead to hiring more staff that are high-salary jobs. Continue reading

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iStock_000024202877SmallSeveral months ago, a read an article called “Are Universities Creating Too Many Biotech Startups?” At the time I thought: The question is not how many startups should a university do, but why are they doing them? Since then, I’ve seen more and more stories in the industry news about universities focusing heavily on startups, particularly within the context of job creation and helping the local economy. Not surprisingly, some of these efforts are emerging from state government and/or economic development agencies. I myself have been invited to participate on several panels and task forces related to this topic. Their recurring mantra has been: “We want to increase startups and licensing revenue.” My response always is:… Continue reading

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A 2011 LandSat image shows the green scum signaling the worst algae bloom in Lake Erie in decades (NASA photo)On Monday, President Obama signed bipartisan legislation to increase the federal focus on the harmful algal blooms plaguing the Great Lakes and U.S. ocean waters. But progress in understanding HABs is already underway, thanks to an ongoing collaboration between two federal agencies. Researchers from NASA and NOAA have been working together to improve monitoring of HABs, which pose significant threats to humans and wildlife as they form, spread, and disappear. Continue reading

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folded-aerogelOn Thursday, June 19th at 2pm EDT, companies in the thermal insulation industry have a chance to learn about a cutting-edge aerogel technology developed at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. This amazing polyimide material, which is available for license from NASA, offers significant improvements over silica-based aerogel. Learn more and access registration for the June 19th webinar here. Continue reading

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Win-Win-Notes_iStock_000016549417SmallWhat’s a reasonable royalty rate when licensing a technology? Good question! Those of you with years of experience negotiating licensing or other technology transfer agreements know that there are many approaches for determining the value of a potential deal and therefore what the royalty rate should be. Which method is best? When we provide deal-making support to our clients, Fuentek uses a combination of three deal valuation techniques: market assessments, cost assessments, and income evaluations. Let’s consider each element. Continue reading

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Webcast Laura Schoppe Discusses Perspectives on Innovation In this webcast, excerpted from our Implementing Open Innovation webinar, Fuentek founder and president Laura Schoppe discusses the different perspectives on innovation held by: Large/Medium entities Small/Startup entities University and other not-for-profit research organizations … Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsToday’s “Worth Reading” post runs the gamut from traditional print journalism to online blogging and to a tweet chat on technology transfer trends. Prospects for Penn State Patent Auction May Not Be That Bright: This commentary on the Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) blog relates to the announcement that Pennsylvania State University will be auctioning off some of its intellectual property (IP) to the highest bidder. The IAM blog post is worth reading because of its insights, which were spot on. Here are my thoughts about it: Continue reading

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NC-FIRST-logoI’m heading back to the Dorton Arena in Raleigh as a judge for the 5th annual NC FIRST Robotics Regional Competition. If you’re local, come see for yourself what these amazing high school students have built in only 6 weeks! If you’re not, check out the live webcast Friday and Saturday via the Yeti team’s (#3506) channel. The qualification matches are Friday from 9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to 5:45pm as well as on Saturday from 9:00am to noon. The final rounds are from 1:30pm to 4:30pm on Saturday. Continue reading

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OnlineParalegalDegreesInfographicLydia Bailey of Online Paralegal Degree Center recently sent me an infographic to share with our blog readers. It was called “What Every Website Owner Should Know about Copyright Trolls.” It was definitely worth sharing, plus it reminded me of something that happened with a client. The infographic begins with a brief overview of what copyright is and how you can (and can’t) use someone else’s copyrighted works. Then it goes on to explain what copyright trolls do, how they do it, and how to fight them. In addition to the valuable information it provides, this infographic also touches on a pet peeve of mine — not so much the trolls, but those who infringe on copyrighted works. Continue reading

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