Laura's fellow panelists (l to r): Kevin Wozniak, Holly Meadows, and Carla Lema TomeLast week I was invited to participate on a panel at the 2014 AUTM® national meeting. The focus: How university technology transfer offices (TTOs) are shifting their view of intellectual property (IP) terms when securing R&D funding through sponsored research agreements (SRAs). My fellow panelists and I discussed the current models at various universities. Here’s an overview. Continue reading

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Valuation-webcast-Why-prepare-iconUnderstanding how prospects perceive value will help you gauge their true interest in a potential licensing deal. Just because you’ve designed a cool widget doesn’t mean somebody out there is willing to invest in commercializing it. Potential licensees will be interested only if the technology delivers meaningful value for their company. For the best results, licensing managers should be able to identify the key factors that influence prospects’ decision-making processes — a good bit of which is already on hand if a market-based assessment of the technology was conducted. There’s no substitute for being prepared as you head into negotiations. I explain further in our new “Why Prepare for Licensing Negotiations” webcast, which also includes tips for the kind of research you should conduct in advance. (The webcast is free — all you have to do is register.) Continue reading

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Are you ready?In my last post, I offered recommendations for connecting with potential partners while you’re at the national meeting for AUTM®. Today I’m sharing more general advice for having a productive experience at the conference. I know it’s hard to make time for these things when you’re frantic preparing to be away from the office for several days and trying to clear the decks. But a little time invested up front will be well worth it. Learn about your learning opportunities: Do you need to get better informed about a specific aspect of technology commercialization? Check out the advance meeting program to get the lay of the land, identifying sessions and events that are of particular interest to you. If you’re a paper person, print pages Continue reading

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Preparation ChecklistThanks to the proactive efforts by AUTM® the past few years, the national meeting will have significant industry representation, including key new participants from outside the life sciences such as Samsung and Raytheon. This provides an ideal opportunity for university technology transfer offices (TTOs) and high-tech companies to lay the groundwork for establishing mutually beneficial collaborations and licenses. To make the most of your time at the AUTM meeting, I recommend taking these six actions right away. Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsIt’s time again for our monthly Worth Reading post. It’s a short one — just two items — but it’s on a big topic: patents. “Standing Up to the Anti-Patent Beanball:” This post by Joe Allen on IPWatchdog was in response to attacks in The Washington Post and on Techdirt. Joe’s post is definitely worth reading. The original pieces that prompted it both take superficial and out-of-context portrayals of the value of patents and university licensing. Unlike such balanced analyses as… Continue reading

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Tweet key on computer keyboardAs subscribers of Fuentek’s quarterly e-newsletter The Fountain know, we publish our Top 10 Tweets every issue. Like our Worth Reading posts, we use these to help technology transfer professionals keep up with what we think are some of the most important stories in our industry. So for our last post of 2013, here is Our Top 10 of Our Top 10 Tech Transfer Tweets. We hope you enjoy this year in review… 140 characters at a time. Continue reading

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Webinar_iStock_000023229071XSmallThis week finds me online discussing a range of topics that may be of interest to our readers. On Tuesday it’s “Achieving Brilliant White Light with Amber LEDs” for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. On Thursday it’s “Using Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Techniques to Assess University Patents” for Tech Transfer Central. Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsAs we leave Thanksgiving behind, work our way through Hanukkah, and head toward Christmas, today’s post focuses on holiday shopping as well as the usual articles and reports of interest to the technology transfer, business development, and R&D communities. Let us know about your favorite science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) gift ideas as well as readable tidbits. Continue reading

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pitching-for-innovators-webinar-250pxInnovators can be a huge asset in helping market their technologies to potential partners, licensees, and investors, as they bring unique knowledge and expertise to any discussion. However, successfully communicating the value of their inventions in a discussion, presentation, or networking event can be challenging for innovators precisely because of their knowledge and expertise. We recommend training inventors to ask themselves the following key questions as they evaluate how their innovation might fit into a particular market:… Continue reading

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Online reading of technology transfer newsIf you’re looking for something worthwhile to read in between doorbell rings from trick-or-treaters tonight, check out these items. Oh, and let us know if any of your visitors are wearing STEM-related costumes! Continue reading

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