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Using the IP Management Database to Answer Metrics FAQs

FAQ-crossword_iStock_000017784335_lowrezMost technology transfer offices (TTOs) want to — or have to — respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the technology portfolio. Whether they are routine or ad hoc, these FAQs often come from key stakeholders and focus on TTO performance. As the F in FAQ suggests, these questions are asked frequently. Yet if a TTO frequently is scrambling to answer and struggles to generate the needed reports, then this indicates something is amiss. Continue reading

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Conversations with DoD & the White House on Federal Tech Transfer Initiatives

Last week I gave a presentation at a tech transfer workshop for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This workshop was well timed, given President Obama’s recent memorandum announcing a new directive requiring all federal research labs to bolster and streamline technology transfer efforts to increase the likelihood and efficiency of getting research results to market. Attendees at the DoD meeting discussed the memo as well as possible solutions, as each agency has been tasked with presenting a plan back to the President on how they will achieve his goals. Possible solutions have been at the top of my mind recently as well…. Continue reading

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Excerpts from “The New Small” by Phil Simon

TheNewSmallThe following text was published in The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies by Phil Simon. We are grateful to Phil for profiling Fuentek in his book and for granting us permission to reprint this excerpt.
… [Laura] Schoppe founded her company in February of 2001 and embraced a virtual workforce from day one. The cost savings from not maintaining a proper office are self-evident. Her staff consists of a variety of folks: pure techies, editors, and graphic designers. She hires only those with a keen sense of business as well as solid technical skills. These people are critical in assessing the commercial viability of a particular application and meeting her clients’ needs. Continue reading

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