Collaborative R&D

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We help our clients:

  • Advance early-stage technologies that have market potential, using translational research to bridge the gap
  • Identify the projects most likely to succeed and benefit from a partnership, establishing win-win agreements with clearly outlined statements of work
  • Align their strategic R&D strengths with other organizations, creating alliances that offer exponential value
  • Work collaboratively with economic development agencies to achieve mutual/complementary goals

What makes us different:

  • Fuentek understands the delicate balance between achieving near-term metrics and long-term value—and we help clients have both.
  • Our proactive, targeted approach to seeking out partners and forming collaborative agreements is effective and cost-efficient.
  • Our technical expertise and business acumen allow us to facilitate productive discussions with researchers, managers, and product development leads.
  • We don’t tell you simply “No, they’re not interested.” Instead, we tell you what’s needed to get them to a “Yes.”

Read more about our services and experience as well as our insights on forming collaborative R&D partnerships. Then contact us so we can work together to determine how we can help your TTO achieve its goals.

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