Collaborative R&D

collaborative R&D graphicWhat We Do

Fuentek helps clients find technology sources and collaborators for in-licensing and joint-development research by:

  • Identifying R&D needs for new technologies or capabilities
  • Prioritizing those needs according to their potential for success
  • Building the interest of potential partners and facilitating effective information exchanges
  • Guiding progress towards successful acquisition or joint-development agreements
  • Developing and implementing strategies to ensure that the technical solution is infused into the R&D program or product line
  • Monitoring progress so that benefits are realized

In addition, Fuentek can merge these open innovation activities with IP Management efforts, creating a Symbiotic Innovation environment.  

How We Work

At Fuentek, everything we do is imbued with our core values:

  • Creativity: We continually look for the various mechanisms and projects where a potential partner and our client could collaborate, sometimes identifying an unexpected opportunity.
  • Communication: Our reports are concise yet thorough, providing valuable information in an easy-to-read and useful format.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to identifying and securing the best partners needed to solve our clients’ R&D challenges.
  • Validation: We never assume that a potential partner’s rejection of a specific opportunity indicates a lack of interest in all collaboration. Instead, we look for other areas of overlap and mutual interest.
  • Innovation: Fuentek’s approach of leveraging a client’s IP when forming R&D collaborations is highly innovative and has had proven success.
  • Value-Added: If we discover that a particular technical challenge cannot be successfully solved through collaborative R&D, we will recommend project termination. At Fuentek, we prefer to see resources directed at efforts most likely to help achieve our client’s goals.  

Our Experience

Fuentek has helped a variety of clients across all sectors—corporate, university, and government organizations—find the external technologies and capabilities they needed to achieve their R&D goals. Specifically, we have:

  • Led dozens of projects intended to find external organizations with complementary technologies or expertise
  • Secured the interest of nearly 100 qualified potential partners for collaborative R&D
  • Identified and supported the development of R&D proposals that won nearly $12 million in funding  

This experience has yielded real benefits to our clients. Consider these examples and see our other successes.

Client Success Stories Stories from the Field
(posts from the Fuentek blog)
Moonbase Alpha Fuentek Facilitates Partnerships Leading to NASA’s Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game

RCM Fuentek Helps NASA Launch Reliability-Centered Maintenance Pilot Program

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