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Cutting Your Marketing Losses Is an Art, Not a Science – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (11/23/2010) 

“…Divvying up your best prospects into categories can help avoid pouring marketing dollars into the proverbial black hole. “It’s usually pretty obvious when you’re throwing good money after bad if you’ve identified and prioritized the key players,” says Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC. …”

Seek Consistency with Your Licensing Approach – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (10/12/2010) 

“In technology licensing, inconsistency can be a major barrier to success and unnecessarily consume precious time, asserts Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, on her company blog.…”

Fuentek’s Danielle McCulloch on Panel of Consultants to Share Insight with Jenkins MBA Students (link opens new browser window) (10/6/2010) 

“Jenkins MBA students gained valuable insight from a panel of consulting professionals as in a special session of their MBA Consulting Class on Tuesday evening, Oct. 5, 2010.…”

Tune Up Your Website to Improve Results of Social Media Marketing – Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor (Published July 2010 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window) ) 

“Social media may be all the rage, and it certainly opens up a world of new opportunities for getting your message out, but it’s unwise to dive into social media marketing without first making sure your website is strong enough to support those efforts, warned Karen Hiser, a senior consultant with Fuentek, LLC, during her presentation on social media marketing at the recently held AUTM Eastern Regional Meeting in Atlanta….”

Advice to TTOs: Invest in Your Inventors – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (6/23/2010)

“Writing on her company’s IP Management blog ( (link opens new browser window) (link opens new browser window)), Laura Schoppe, president of tech transfer consulting and research firm Fuentek, LLC, says TTOs sometimes forget that individuals outside the office — the inventors — are key players in commercialization.…”

Is There Really Such a Thing as a ‘Free Launch’? – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (5/4/2010)

“As technology transfer offices seek to keep their costs down by making use of “free” sources of service, cautions Laura A. Schoppe, president of consulting firm Fuentek, LLC, they should keep in mind that “there’s a reason the phrases ‘You get what you pay for’ and ‘Caveat emptor’ have become clichés.”…”

Fuentek Receives Spotlight Award from Trend POV (link opens new browser window) (4/5/2010)

“Every month we shine the spotlight on a company, person, entity or country that exemplifies the ideal of acting on evolving trends to create competitive advantage. This month, we award the Spotlight to Fuentek for creating a fully virtual company and for showing it off proudly to positive result.…”

Phil Simon Interviews Laura Schoppe on the Virtual Company (link opens new browser window) (2/23/2010)

“… I was ultimately able to speak with Laura Schoppe, head of Fuentek, a consultancy that helps organizations transfer technology from one application to new ones. During this 20 minute podcast, Laura discusses the challenges–and opportunities–associated with being completely virtual, management challenges, software as a service (SaaS), open source, and a host of other interesting topics.…”

For Telecommuters, It’s Not Just about Going to Work – National Public Radio (link opens new browser window) (2/9/2010)

“There's no longer anything novel about the way Laura Schoppe does her job. Each workday, she goes upstairs to her office above the garage of her rural North Carolina home. And surrounded by her two dogs, Zoey and Bella, she runs a multimillion-dollar company called Fuentek that helps its clients commercialize new technology.…”

Blog Promotes Clients’ IP, Markets Consultant’s Expertise (2/2/2010) – The IP Marketing Blog and Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor
(link opens new browser window)
(Published February 2010 by Technology Transfer Tactics(link opens new browser window))

“While many TTOs are still getting their feet wet in the world of blogging, IP and technology management services firm Fuentek, LLC, has developed a sophisticated blog that is enabling it to both market clients’ technologies and enhance its reputation for IP marketing and management expertise.…”

Kauffman Proposal for ‘Free Agent’ Faculty Draws Strong Reaction from TTO Execs – Technology Transfer Tactics
(Published February 2010 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window))

“… Laura Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, a consulting firm that provides intellectual property and technology management services, candidly admits that the Kaufman model would benefit her company, but nonetheless she has her own criticisms. “I understand where they’re coming from -- the frustration that TTOs can be a bottleneck – but they’re not thinking about why,” she says. “The main reason, from my experiences, is they don’t have the resources to staff up.”…”

How Can You Make the Most of IP Listing Sites? – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (1/5/2010)

“There are at least a dozen IP listing websites currently operating, according to Karen Hiser of Fuentek LLC, an IP and technology management firm. She writes on the firm’s blog that “effective placement of your IP on these websites can yield low-cost leads for your technology commercialization program.”…”

Disciplined Use of an IP Management Database Enhances Marketing EffortsIntellectual Property Marketing Advisor, guest commentary
(Published November 2009 by Technology Transfer Tactics(link opens new browser window)and featured in February 2011 in Tech Transfer eNews Platinum)

“Through our hands-on experience in generating licenses and successful partnership agreements for clients since 2001, Fuentek has relied on a proprietary intellectual property (IP) management database to support our core marketing process. We have found that this database, along with a collection of other best practices for marketing IP, has played a key role in our success in managing the commercialization of innovations across a diverse array of technology categories.…”

Making Your Company into a Virtual Organization (link opens new browser window) - Written by Laura A. Schoppe
(Published in the Winter 2009 issue of Mobile Enterprise Magazine )

“Think back to just seven or eight years ago in the business world. Faxing still was a big method of communication, while video teleconferencing was an expensive novelty, costing around $200 for half an hour. Seems like ancient times, doesn’t it?”

Fuentek: Fill Your Site with ‘Anything and Everything’ – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (9/29/2009)

“Do you want to have a robust website that gives prospects easy access to information about your technologies available for licensing? Then you can and should incorporate “most every piece of non-confidential information about a technology,” says the new blog launched by Raleigh, NC-based Fuentek….”

NASA Consultant Takes Two-Pronged Approach (3/17/2009) – The IP Marketing Blog and Intellectual Property Advisor (link opens new browser window
(Published March 2009 by Technology Transfer Tactics(link opens new browser window))

“In 2001 the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, was badly in need of marketing help, recalls Nona Cheeks, MBA, chief of the space agency’s Innovative Partnerships Program. “We were weak on strategy — at a loss, actually, being a government entity,” says Cheeks. Specifically, she notes, “we needed help in being able to screen our technology, to make sure we understood what we had, assess it, and to target markets that would give them optimal advantage.” That help came in the form of a two-pronged approach recommended by Laura A. Schoppe, President of Fuentek, LLC, a technology consulting group based in Apex, NC.…”

Fuentek Has 32 Employees and $2M in Revenue but No Physical Location (link opens new browser window (10/16/2008)
(Published by Triangle Business Journal)  

"That’s a lesson embodied by Fuentek, a consulting firm founded by president and owner Laura Schoppe in 2001. Using everyday technology – instant messages, telephones and e-mail – and a database she designed herself, the mechanical and aerospace engineer has built a virtual company with very real annual revenue of more than $2 million."

Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth (link opens new browser window (8/4/2008) 
(Published by Tech Journal South)

"When NASA seeks ways to move aerospace technology from rocket ships to broader commercial use, consulting firm Fuentek helps it find partners for spinoffs ranging from nanotechnology to high tech goggles used to spot hydrogen fires in Indy race cars."

NASA, Fuentek Evaluating MMO Game Proposals (link opens new browser window (8/5/2008) 
(Published by Tech Journal South)

"It’s no secret that convincing bright students to pursue science, engineering and math careers is vital to the nation’s continuing as a worldwide technology innovator. NASA thinks a massively multi-player online game might just do the trick, and NC-based Fuentek is helping the agency evaluate proposals for such games."

Press Releases

Fuentek has issued the following press releases:

Fuentek Featured In Phil Simon’s Third Book, The New Small (12/13/2010) 

Fuentek President Featured In 2011 Woman’s Advantage Calendar (11/10/2010) 

Fuentek President To Serve On North Carolina Governor’s Conference For Women Panel (11/3/2010) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper Examining Technology Transfer Metrics Practices (10/27/2010) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe To Serve on the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Panel (10/7/2010) 

Fuentek Names Doug Foster Technology Transfer Consultant (9/7/2010) 

Fuentek Names Steve Carnes Technology Transfer Consultant (8/27/2010) 

Fuentek Names Julie Markoski Technology Transfer Consultant (8/16/2010) 

Fuentek President Laura A. Schoppe Selected As Presenter In Technology Transfer Tactics Social Media Webinar (6/1/2010) 

Fuentek Senior Consultants Lead Marketing Course At AUTM 2010 Eastern Region Meeting (5/27/2010) 

Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant Danielle McCulloch To Serve As Robot Inspector For NCFIRST Robotics Competition (3/31/2010) 

Fuentek President Laura A. Schoppe To Serve On North Carolina Technology Association Panel (3/24/2010) 

Fuentek President Named Judge For NCFIRST Robotics Competition (3/9/2010) 

NASA’s Johnson Space Center Selects Fuentek To Identify Licensees For High Altitude Hydration System (2/10/2010) 

Fuentek President Participates In U.S. Department of Labor Flex-Options TeleConference (1/14/2010) 

Aubrey Arnoczy Joins Fuentek as Technology Transfer Consultant (12/16/2009) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe Led Webinar on Protecting Commercial Value of Projects (12/1/2009) 

Fuentek President Named Member of Women Presidents' Organization (9/23/2009) 

Fuentek Presents Best Practices for Marketing University and Federal Lab Technologies (9/14/2009) 

Fuentek President Named NCTA WISE Co-Chair (9/8/2009) 

Fuentek Cosponsors Excellence Fund Scholarship for 2009-2010 UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine Student (7/6/2009) 

Fuentek and NASA Webinar Features Commentary on Future of Supply Chain Management (7/1/2009) 

Fuentek Announces New Podcast Addressing NASA Supply Chain Analysis Tool  (6/4/2009) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe Named to the Association of University Technology Managers Editorial Advisory Board (5/14/2009) 

NASA Kennedy Space Center Selects Fuentek To Identify Licensees for PrimeSupplier Software (4/28/2009) 

Fuentek Announces New Consultant (4/17/2009) 

Fuentek Announces New Consultant (12/18/2008) 

Fuentek Names New Publications Manager (11/20/2008) 

Fuentek President To Speak On Princeton University Technology Panel (11/11/2008) 

Fuentek President Featured in 2009 Woman’s Advantage Calendar (10/16/2008) 

Fuentek Designs and Facilitates Training Session for NASA Innovative Partnerships Program (9/17/2008) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant Jack Spain Publishes Technology Leadership Book (9/10/2008) 

Fuentek President Participates In Defense & Security Technology Accelerator Task Force (8/15/2008) 

Fuentek Sponsors 2008 Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic (8/7/2008) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant Speaks At 2008 Digital Game Expo (7/25/2008) 

Fuentek Promotes Jack Spain to Senior Consultant (6/12/2008) 

Fuentek Participates In Goddard Space Flight Center Technical Interchange Meetings  (6/4/2008) 

Fuentek Cosponsors Excellence Fund Scholarship for UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine Student (5/27/2008) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant Addresses the Carolina Chapter of the Product Development and Management Association (5/16/2008) 

Laura Schoppe Participates in Venture Capital Investment Competition at Kenan-Flagler Business School (5/7/2008) 


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