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Fuentek, LLC Releases White Paper Titled 'Leveraging Social Media For Technology Transfer Marketing'

Firm Provides Tech Transfer Industry With Detailed Tips For Effective Application Of Web-Based Communication Tools

(April 10, 2012)

APEX, N.C. – Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, a consulting firm that provides intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer services, has announced that the company has released a white paper titled “Leveraging Social Media for Technology Transfer Marketing.” Fuentek’s instructional paper not only explains the benefits that technology transfer offices (TTOs) can gain from incorporating social media into their strategic business plans but also offers suggestions for leveraging Web-based tools to achieve goals and get results.

The white paper includes experience-based recommendations for the effective use of platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare. The paper emphasizes the importance of using these tools to build online relationships in order to establish potential partnerships and licensing opportunities. It also offers advice for using blogs to spark online conversations and enhance a TTO’s visibility, and recommends a quality over quantity approach.

Fuentek is widely recognized as a leader in the use of social media for technology transfer. Fuentek staff have led numerous webinars, conference training sessions and panels, and the firm has shared insights about enhancing a TTO’s online presence. The next panel, which will be moderated by Fuentek senior consultant Danielle McCulloch, will be at the annual meeting of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) in Pittsburgh on May 1. The session, titled “Making Social Media a Reality: Insights from Implementers,” will highlight the importance of establishing an online presence and offer logistical advice.

“Technology transfer professionals recognize the prevalence of social media,” said Schoppe. “This white paper illuminates the steps that all TTOs can take to capitalize on the ever-growing power of Web-based social platforms.”


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