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Nannette Stangle-Castor Leads Open Innovation Training at Kennedy Space Center 

(August 30, 2010)

Nannette Stangle-Castor

Nannette Stangle-Castor

APEX, N.C. – Fuentek's Dr. Nannette Stangle-Castor presented a class on "open innovation" at Kennedy Space Center on August 30, 2010. Although the concept of open innovation has been expanding its reach into corporate and government R&D laboratories, many organizations still struggle with this paradigm shift. A key challenge can be overcoming the unwillingness to accept ideas/technologies from outside sources. Communicating the value of open innovation clearly and effectively with program managers is essential.

NASA has been implementing open innovation principles even before Chesbrough coined the term open innovation. However, experience at NASA has revealed some challenges associated with successfully “infusing” external technology into aeronautics and space programs through non-contract-based partnerships /collaborations.

This class addressed how NASA has employed the principles of “open innovation” and some of the “barriers” and successes it has encountered along the way. It also provided tools, through a three-phased customer-focused approach, that can enhance the success of open innovation and infusion efforts.

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