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Fuentek Announces New Podcast Addressing NASA Supply Chain Analysis Tool

(June 4, 2009)

APEX, N.C. – Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, has announced the release of a podcast describing PrimeSupplier, a new supply chain analysis tool that forecasts economic influences on supplier viability and which is available for licensing from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The podcast features commentary from Michael Galluzzi, inventor of PrimeSupplier, and Pasquale Ferrari, a technology transfer agent in Kennedy's Innovative Partnerships Program Office, who discuss PrimeSupplier's history and why it is important for companies to proactively manage their supplier bases. They also explain how the software helped manage the Shuttle Transition Program and provide an overview of the licensing process for software companies interested in licensing this intellectual property. .

By bringing together both financial and programmatic data, PrimeSupplier analyzes which suppliers are most, or least, likely to fail based on the data available and comparisons to industry benchmarks, allowing manufacturing organizations to minimize their own risk by proactively managing risk throughout their supplier base. Initially developed to manage transition activities associated with NASA's space shuttle fleet, PrimeSupplier has been used by NASA to view early indicators of supplier and product line stability. The software analyzes causes and effects of supply chain events with parameters based on a supplier's financial liquidity, quality performance and other programmatic data. The result is a comprehensive picture of schedule impact and funding risks from supplier or part obsolescence.

"In this podcast, Galluzzi and Ferrari provide valuable information about the background and benefits of PrimeSupplier for anyone interested in licensing this software," said Karen Hiser, a Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant. "The tool helps organizations identify at-risk suppliers by providing a holistic assessment of suppliers' total economic stability. Software development organizations licensing this technology will find it an ideal complement to an existing supply chain product line, giving them a competitive advantage with which to go to market."

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