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NASA's Kennedy Space Center Selects Fuentek to Identify Licensees for PrimeSupplier Software

(Apr. 28, 2009)

APEX, N.C. –Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, has announced that NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has selected Fuentek to find prospective licensees for the intellectual property rights to PrimeSupplier, a supply chain analysis tool that forecasts economic influences on product and supplier viability. By bringing together both financial and programmatic data, PrimeSupplier analyzes which suppliers are most, or least, likely to fail based on the data available and comparisons to industry benchmarks, allowing manufacturing organizations to minimize their own risk by proactively managing risk throughout their supplier base. Fuentek will help Kennedy seek supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and/or systems integration partners interested in commercializing the PrimeSupplier technology.

Initially developed for NASA Shuttle Program transition activities, PrimeSupplier has been used by NASA to view early indicators of supplier and product line stability. The software analyzes causes and effects of supply chain events with parameters based on a supplier’s financial liquidity, quality performance and other programmatic data. The result is a comprehensive picture of schedule impact and funding risks from supplier or part obsolescence.

“The current economic conditions have created unprecedented turmoil in the country’s industrial supply base, putting the product delivery of complex manufacturing organizations at risk. It is crucial to proactively manage your supplier base to make sure no gaps in program needs are going to occur as a result of these instabilities,” said Karen Hiser, a Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant. “PrimeSupplier addresses this need by helping companies identify at-risk suppliers so that an organization can take action to mitigate any downstream effects.”

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