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Fuentek Publishes White Paper On Using Digital Media for Technology Transfer

Paper Provides Guidelines For A Successful Digital Media Program for TTOs

(October 13, 2011)

Laura Schoppe

Laura Schoppe

Jack Spain

Jack Spain

APEX, N.C. – Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, a local technology consulting firm that provides intellectual property and technology transfer services, has announced the release of the company’s white paper, Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices. Written by Schoppe and senior consultant Jack Spain, the paper provides comprehensive guidance for all aspects of digital media for tech transfer.

In addition to well-established digital tools, such as websites, IP exchanges, open innovation portals, and email marketing for licensing and partnership opportunities, the paper discusses strategies for various social media tools. These tools include blogs; microblogging via a Twitter® feed; networking tools such as LinkedIn® and Facebook® sites; and sites for sharing video, slideshows or other content.

The paper also explains how to fit these disparate tools into a comprehensive digital media strategy and how to evaluate the return on investment in digital media.
“I wouldn’t say print is dead when it comes to tech transfer marketing, but digital media plays a huge role in how tech transfer offices do their job,” said Schoppe. “And with all of the new tools that have gained prominence in the past several years, we felt a comprehensive guidance document would be useful to TTOs across sectors—corporate, university and government. That’s our goal with this white paper.”


- This paper can be downloaded free by registering.

- Co-author Laura Schoppe presented a webinar titled “How I Rode the Social Media Wave: Lessons Learned from a Technology Marketing Effort.”

- Co-author Jack Spain is also the author of the book The IT Leadership Pyramid.

- Fuentek previously released the white paper “How to Build an Effective Tech Transfer Office Web Site” in July 2010. It can be downloaded free by registering.

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