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NASA Tech Briefs To Host Robonaut 2 Webinar On Thursday, June 20

Fuentek Partners With NASA To Develop Strategic Plan For Commercialization Of Humanoid Robot

(June 12, 2013)

Laura Schoppe

Laura Schoppe

APEX, N.C. – Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC , a local consulting firm that provides intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer services, has announced that NASA Tech Briefs will host a webinar on Thursday, June 20 at 2 p.m. Eastern to discuss commercialization of Robonaut 2 patented and patent-pending technologies. The webinar, “Bringing Space Robotics to Earth Applications,” will feature Dr. Ron Diftler, who served as the Robonaut project lead engineer, and Dave Leestma, who is the manager of the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office at the NASA Johnson Space Center. Registration for the webinar is free at

Robonaut 2 is a state-of-the-art humanoid robot composed of multiple technology systems, including dexterous hands, compliant limbs, redundant safety systems and machine vision cameras. Fuentek is working with NASA’s Johnson Space Center Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office to develop and implement a commercialization strategy to find the best partners and potential licensees to leverage the Robonaut 2 technologies for new commercial applications on Earth  in areas such as logistics and distribution, manufacturing, hazardous environments, medical industries and more. 

“Robonaut 2 comprises a vast patent portfolio that is relevant to multiple industries and application areas,” said Schoppe. “It’s an exciting project, and Fuentek is honored to be helping NASA bring these new technologies to market quickly and efficiently.”


- NASA Johnson Space Center’s David Leestma and Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe were interviewed by Josh Zach of WPTF and the North Carolina News Network

- Robonaut 2 boarded the International Space Station in February 2012. For more details, visit:

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