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Fuentek To Host May 16 Webinar On Implementing Open Innovation In Technology Transfer Offices

President Laura Schoppe and Senior Consultant Dr. Nanette Strangle-Castor to Offer Expert Advice for Achieving Successful Collaborations

(May 1, 2012)

Open Innovation Webinar


APEX, N.C. –Laura A. Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, a local technology consulting firm that provides intellectual property and technology management services, has announced that the company will host a 60-minute webinar titled “Implementing Open Innovation: Symbiotic Success for Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) on Wednesday, May 16 at 2 p.m. EDT.  The webinar, led by Schoppe and senior technology transfer consultant Dr. Nannette Strangle-Castor, will instruct attendees on implementing Symbiotic Innovation, Fuentek’s technique that can help research and development (R&D) organizations’ TTOs effectively identify and form open innovation partnerships.

Relying on over a decade of experience, Fuentek’s technology transfer professionals have developed a proven methodology for successfully forming open innovation partnerships. Referred to as Symbiotic Innovation, this method was developed by Fuentek to help TTOs effectively and cost-efficiently pursue collaborative R&D partnerships. Webinar participants will benefit from Fuentek’s unmatched expertise by learning to proactively pursue the best opportunities while minimizing resource expenditure. The webinar will provide government laboratories, universities, and corporations with the tools they need to form partnerships that generate market-relevant R&D results, help acquire funding, secure more licensing deals and provide the other benefits associated with long-term collaborations. The presenters also will discuss how best to leverage online open innovation portals.

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“The term ‘symbiotic’ refers to a mutually beneficial relationship, and Symbiotic Innovation is how R&D and tech transfer should always occur in research and development organizations,” Schoppe said. “This webinar will teach tech transfer offices how to form lasting partnerships that help their organizations tap into external resources, accelerate their own R&D and successfully move technologies out of the lab and into the market.”


- The May 16 live webinar is $185. Participants can purchase a high-quality recorded video of the webinar for an additional $50. Both packages include a free question-and-answer session from 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6.

- To learn more about Symbiotic Innovation, visit the Insights Section of our Web site.

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