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Primesupplier applications

PrimeSupplier software helped NASA stabilize and retain a critical tier 2 Constellation supplier by proactively identifying a contract gap between programs. By alerting NASA to the issue early, PrimeSupplier software enabled Project Managers to fill the funding gap by accelerating a cross-program purchase, helping keep the Constellation Program development on schedule.

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PrimeSupplier Software

A cross-program impact analysis and economic stability indicator

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is seeking partners interested in commercial applications for PrimeSupplier software, a next-generation hybrid supply chain management (SCM) solution. Using programmatic and enterprise demand data as well as industry financial benchmarks, this advanced software application forecasts economic influences on product and supplier viability throughout a product life cycle.

In complex industries such as defense, aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment, proactively managing supplier viability is critical. For example, according to ARINC, re-engineering due to part obsolescence costs a defense project an estimated $100k to $400k and an average of 73 person weeks in lost time. PrimeSupplier software helps organizations identify at-risk suppliers by providing a holistic assessment of suppliers’ total economic stability—accounting for programmatic and enterprise-wide demands and general economic conditions. No other tool provides such a complete view of suppliers’ economic viability, coupled with the ability to simulate changing demands and conditions.Additional technical details are presented below.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact:

Technology Transfer Office
NASA's Kennedy Space Center


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PrimeSupplier software helps organizations be more:

  • Strategic: Proactively manage suppliers’ economic stability by gaining visibility into program, cross-program, and industry-wide demand and financial data.
  • Responsive: Improve order fulfillment and on-time delivery through early demand planning.
  • Efficient: Identify optimum timing for placing new procurement orders.
  • Cost Effective: Minimize procurement overhead, obsolete inventory, and re-engineering to eliminate obsolete parts.
  • Integrated: Take advantage of an excellent complement to Integrated Manufacturing Network/Supplier City and procurement simulation.


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Key Features

  • The Simulation Console enables users to quickly examine impacts of program changes on the entire supply base.
  • A convenient At-a-Glance view shows the “Top 10 Highest” and “Top 10 Lowest” risk suppliers.
  • The Financial Simulation Dashboard displays the impact of changes in purchase order dates to gap funding, profit margin, and overall financial stability.
  • The Programmatic Simulation Dashboard shows the impact of changes in Last Need Dates and Purchase Order Dates on program readiness.
  • A patent-pending, Configurable Weighting Algorithm provides a holistic view of economic and programmatic stability across the entire supply chain.
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  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Product and programmatic life cycle management
  • Manufacturing, materials, and financial resource planning
  • Integrated manufacturing networking
  • Integrated logistics support
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Technology Details

Initially developed for NASA Shuttle Program transition activities, PrimeSupplier software has been used by NASA to view early indicators of supplier and product line stability while identifying various project elements and programs affected by terms of multiple contracts. The software analyzes causes and effects of supply chain events with parameters based on a supplier’s financial liquidity, quality measures of performance, and other internal programmatic data relative to functional capabilities such as source, make, buy, repair, and deliver. The result is a comprehensive picture of schedule impact and funding risks from supplier obsolescence or requests for additional time-gap funding.

The software calculates two categories of benchmarks—programmatic demands and financial liquidity. Programmatic data used in these calculations is collected from internal logistics support analyses. Other programmatic weighting factors include:

  • Procurement data
  • Contract value
  • Suppliers’ percentage and distribution of business
  • Procurement order time-gap exposure

The financial benchmarks include liquidity performance measures such as:

  • Total revenue
  • Net profit margin
  • Current ratio (current liability and current revenue)
  • Price/Earnings ratio

These financial indicators are compared against industry standards and can be automated with a real-time data feed.

PrimeSupplier software is the first demand planning and supplier stability indicator model to include programmatic demand influence alongside financial benchmarks for determining and proactively managing future product or supplier economic stability.

PrimeSupplier Software Screenshots

Simulation Console: Scrolling date bars allow simulation of program date changes. Supplier risk indicators respond accordingly.

[View larger screenshot]

At-a-Glance view shows Top 10 highest risk and Top 10 lowest risk suppliers, based on actual or simulated situations.

[View larger

Financial Simulation Dashboard shows the impacts on Gap Funding, Net Revenue, and other key financial indicators, based on actual or simulated purchase order dates.

[View larger

Programmatic Simulation Dashboard shows the impact to supplier stability of actual or simulated Last Need Dates and Purchase Order dates.

[View larger

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NASA's Kennedy Space Center is seeking patent protection for this technology.

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Publications and Awards



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Watch the 45-minute video Webinar, "NASA Discusses the Future of Supply Chain Management: 2010 and Beyond," from July 28, 2009, with presenters Mike Galluzzi, NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Supply Chain and SRM/IB Management; and Karen Hiser, Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant.

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Watch a 20-minute PrimeSupplier Software Video Demo (no registration required)

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Listen to an interview with the PrimeSupplier inventor:

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Commercial Opportunity

This technology is part of NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program, which seeks to transfer technology into and out of NASA to benefit the space program and U.S. industry. NASA invites companies to inquire about the licensing possibilities for PrimeSupplier software (KSC-13185) for commercial applications.

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For More Information

For more information about this licensing/development opportunity, please contact:

Technology Transfer Office
NASA's Kennedy Space Center

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This technology is owned by NASA's Kennedy Space Center
KSC-13185 (KS-0011)