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Consumer Products

colorless film

Transparent, Flexible Substrate for Consumer Devices and Aerospace Applications

Kolon Industries, Inc. has developed a new colorless polyimide (CP) material that will revolutionize flexible electronics, e-paper, and more.



Aerogel-Reinforced Composites

Scientists at NASA's Glenn Research Center have developed a method for fabricating low-density, flexible aerogel composites for use as thermal insulation. Ideal in environments with temperatures of up to 1200 °C.



amber LED lightbulb

New Amber LEDs for High-Efficiency Solid-State Lighting

This patent-pending technology allows for easy manufacturing of low-cost amber LEDs that—when combined with red, green, and blue LEDs—produce brilliant broad-spectrum white light more efficiently than current LEDs.


An Ultra-Efficient, Freeze-Resistant Hydration System

An innovative freeze-resistant hydration system that substantially improves on existing systems that cannot prevent water from freezing in the tubing, container, and mouthpiece in the harshest conditions on Earth.