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colorless film

Transparent, Flexible Substrate for Consumer Devices and Aerospace Applications

Kolon Industries, Inc. has developed a new colorless polyimide (CP) material that will revolutionize flexible electronics, e-paper, and more.


Battery Management System

A novel circuit that provides simple, reliable, and safe battery management for high-voltage battery systems.


Fuel Cell Power System with Self-Regulating Control of Parasitic Loads

This method efficiently controls parasitic power in fuel cell systems. “Parasitic power” refers to power required for internal system maintenance rather than for the system’s primary purpose of net power output.


High-Temperature Enabled Communication Circuit for DC Power Lines

A sensor and actuator networking innovation applicable to smart vehicle or component control. This innovation requires no additional connectivity beyond the wiring providing power.


Advanced Copolymer Gel Electrolyte Enhances Lithium Ion Batteries

This advanced copolymer gel electrolyte enhances the performance of lithium ion batteries. The electrolyte is a polyimide-polyethylene oxide (PEO) rod-coil copolymer gel with a highly cross-linked three-dimensional structure.


Storing and Retrieving Data with High-Density Ferroelectric Memory

A device for storing and retrieving electronic data stores digital information as a multi-level digital or as an analog signal on a ferroelectric transistor that can be retrieved and converted back to the original digital data.


Integral Battery Power Limiting Circuit for Intrinsically Safe Applications

Designed to limit the power output from a battery without compromising battery lifetime in situations where there is little headroom for dropping voltage or wasting current.


Rhombohedral Super Hetero Epitaxy of Silicon-Germanium (SiGe)

This fabrication method for the first rhombohedrally grown SiGe semiconductor alloy structure that will enable the development of ultra-fast chipsets exhibiting charge mobility of more than 3,000 cm2/Vs—well beyond the state of the art for semiconductor chips.


Reconfigurable SEU/SET Tolerance for FPGAs

This technology enables selective reconfiguration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and similar devices between redundant and non-redundant operation, to meet application needs for the right mix of reliability and high capacity.


X-ray Diffraction Wafer Mapping Method

This innovative X-ray diffraction (XRD) method determines twin defects in single crystals, poly-crystals, and crystalline structures at whole-wafer scale.