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Advanced Magnetostrictive Regulator and Valve

Effectively captures volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants and recovers them as pure liquids.


hydration system

Composite Tank Technologies Ideal for Cryogenic Liquid Applications

New designs and fabrication methods for composite tank vessels help make them ideal containers for cryogenic fluids such as liquid methane and liquid hydrogen.


Composite Tank Technologies With Improved Structural Integrity

New designs and methods of fabrication for composite and composite-over-wrapped tank vessels help significantly improve their structural integrity against impact, abrasion, harsh environments, and fire.


Fluid Flow Metering and Mixing Technologies

This suite of technologies has optimized capabilities for fluid metering, mixing, and conditioning. Each innovation is based on a core technology that has no moving parts, is simple to manufacture, and provides high reliability and efficiency.


Self-Advancing Step-Tap Drill Bit

This novel, stepped drill bit features a cutting edge that concurrently enlarges a hole as it cuts threads—a feature not available in other stepped drill bits.