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  • Enhanced productivity in managing IP, technology transfer, and business development
  • Increased participation by innovators
  • Improved entrepreneurship
  • Balanced support to and productivity from interns
  • Informed internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective use of competitive intelligence

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Training for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Experience has shown that educating innovators about their role in innovation management has a dramatic impact on the success an R&D or technology transfer organization. Furthermore, teaching researchers to approach their work more entrepreneurially has important benefits—even if they do not get involved in a startup company. (For more on this, see this blog post.)

Therefore, Fuentek offers interactive training programs specifically tailored to the innovator and entrepreneurial community. Topics include:

Innovators and Commercialization/ Tech Transfer

  • The connections between innovation and commercialization
  • Why and how to file invention disclosures
  • How technology transfer/innovation management works
  • What every researcher needs to know about patents and intellectual property
  • Understanding a technology's value proposition
  • The what, why, and how of open innovation

Entrepreneurial Innovators

  • Effective techniques for pitching to investors
  • Effective techniques for discussing technologies and R&D with potential partners
  • Licensing deals and due diligence
  • Deal valuation and negotiation
  • Success factors and risks for startups
  • Evaluating business opportunities
  • Business models and business plans
  • Finding the right funding for a startup

Fuentek also can prepare Web pages/sites that help innovators more easily participate in technology transfer, open innovation, and innovation management, including answers to frequently asked questions, process overviews, online submission of invention disclosures, downloadable forms, and other information. (For an example, see this blog post.)

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization's innovators and entrepreneurs be more effectively in turning their innovations into on-the-market products and services.