webinarEffective Technology Marketing: Getting to the Negotiating Table

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Effective Technology Marketing
Getting to the Negotiating Table

In the technology transfer business, the best marketing plans are those in the Goldilocks zone: not too much, not too little, but the just-right amount of effort to get the best deals possible. What are the components of a just-right marketing plan?

Your interactions with prospective licensees or partners can make the difference between getting a deal and getting their voicemail. What's the best way to connect with your real prospects and not waste time with the tire-kickers?

Marketing takes time, but not every technology makes it to the negotiating table. It's essential to keep your resources focused on those innovations that are on the path to success. How do you know when to be patient and when to cut bait?

This webinar answers these questions.

This 60-minute webinar will give you the tools you need to be more successful in your technology marketing. Attendees will learn how to:

  • AMMOScope the marketing effort to match the potential return on investment
  • Focus marketing materials on the audience, message, mechanism, and outcomes – read more about the AMMO
  • Identify and contact the right people at the right organizations
  • Determine when a lead is not going to turn into a deal
  • Qualify interested prospects quickly yet thoroughly
  • Head into deal-making well armed for negotiations
  • Determine whether a marketing effort is on track, needs a course correction, or warrants putting on the brakes

Led by Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe and Danielle McCulloch, this webinar will help you make the most of your limited marketing budgets.

More about effective technology marketing

Effective technology marketing requires that you first do your homework to gather key information regarding market trends, where the technology falls on the value chain, and the outstanding issues that should be addressed before marketing can begin in earnest. All of this essential information can be obtained by doing a market-based assessment, which prepares you for putting together an efficient, cost-effective, and successful marketing plan that, in turn, will help you secure deals.

Now it’s time for marketing.

The components of effective technology marketing include:

  • Careful selection of the type of plan – active, passive, targeted, etc.
  • A focus on quality not quantity in prospective licensees or partners, always keeping an eye toward future negotiations
  • Iterative, feedback-based checkpoints to confirm you are still on the path to deal success

These components apply regardless of the specifics of the technology and its potential markets. And they are balanced against the resources available and appropriate given the potential return on the commercialization investment.

This webinar will teach you how to develop and implement an effective marketing plan.

Meet the instructors

SchoppeLaura Schoppe has presented dozens of national and international training sessions, workshops, lectures, and webinars on a wide range of tech transfer topics. Since founding Fuentek in 2001, she has led major technology transfer projects at leading universities and government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have sought her advice on strategic planning related to their intellectual assets. She also developed a successful systematic procedure at NASA for identifying “spin-in” partners for collaborative R&D and has presented and written extensively on open innovation–related topics, beginning with papers at the 2005 and 2006 International Astronautical Congress. She has an MBA in technology marketing from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, a masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University, and a bachelors in mechanical engineering and engineering/public policy from Carnegie-Mellon University.

McCullochDanielle McCulloch is a senior technology transfer consultant, serving as Fuentek’s client lead at several federal laboratories and major research universities. As a tech transfer practitioner, she is particularly skilled at examining IP portfolios to identify the technologies with the greatest potential for commercialization success and then developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy. An experienced marketing manager, Danielle also possesses in-depth knowledge of business strategy, market analysis, new product planning, and market development. With technical expertise in a very broad range of fields—from manufacturing to advanced materials to high-tech medical devices—Danielle earned her MBA at Dartmouth College, and she holds a BS in chemical engineering from Washington University.

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