webinarImplementing Open Innovation: Symbiotic Success for Tech Transfer Offices

A 60-minute webinar for tech transfer professionals

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Implementing Open Innovation
Symbiotic Success for Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs)

Implementing Open Innovation Webinar
The tech transfer business is changing, as many TTOs move beyond traditional IP-licensing activities to pursue more collaborations and partnerships. These open innovation–style relationships have great potential to accelerate R&D and generate more licensing deals or other revenue. Yet finding the right partners and forming these relationships is not easy.

Fortunately, we at Fuentek have years of experience in successfully making open innovation partnerships a reality for a wide range of R&D organizations. This webinar gives your TTO the chance to benefit from our experience.

Be effective, efficient, and successful in pursuing open innovation partnerships by practicing the Fuentek technique of Symbiotic Innovation. Regardless of whether your TTO has been forming collaborations for years, has used crowdsourcing or other online portals, or is newly embarking on forming open innovation partnerships, Symbiotic Innovation will boost your efforts to a higher level, helping you achieve greater success.

This webinar teaches you how to implement Symbiotic Innovation in your organization.

This webinar is relevant for any R&D organization:

  • Government laboratories: Find solutions for your program needs as well as new markets for your innovations
  • Universities: Identify new funding opportunities, form better relationships with your sponsored research partners, and secure more SRAs while increasing licensing deals/revenue.
  • Corporations: Help solve product development needs/challenges and identify non-competing licensing opportunities.

This 60-minute webinar will provide specific guidance for forming open innovation partnerships successfully. Attendees will learn:

  • Various sectors’ perspectives on innovation and how these views will affect the TTO’s efforts
  • An overview of open innovation and why/when to use it (or not)
  • Methods to identify and prioritize open innovation partnership opportunities
  • Techniques for pursuing potential partners proactively and strategically
  • How to merge licensing and partnering efforts to achieve Symbiotic Innovation successes
  • Techniques to leverage online tools/portals efficiently and effectively

Led by Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe and Nannette Stangle-Castor, this webinar will help you maximize your success while minimizing your resource expenditures.

More about open innovation and Symbiotic Innovation

In his first book on open innovation, Henry Chesbrough discussed opening the door to the inflow of external ideas and the outflow of innovations to market via new channels. Symbiotic Innovation takes the next step of walking through the door, making those inflows and outflows happen proactively and in a concerted manner.

symbiotic innovationSymbiotic Innovation emerged from the fact that technology spin-out (out-licensing) and spin-in (technology sourcing, collaborative R&D) are interdependent activities that are best pursued simultaneously. As illustrated at right, every R&D organization has technologies or expertise that might meet the needs of external users (spin-out) as well as needs that might be solved by external technologies/expertise (spin-in). Spin-out asks, “Who needs what I have?” Spin-in asks, “Who has what I need?” Symbiotic Innovation recognizes that the “who” in both questions is the same.

The question is: How do you efficiently and effectively find the “who” and then find the sweet spot that allows you to form a win-win collaboration?

The answer is: Fuentek has developed a methodology that has had repeated and cost-efficient success. This webinar will teach you Fuentek’s proven methodology for implementing open innovation to achieve Symbiotic Innovation success, including specific steps for getting started.
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Meet the instructors

SchoppeLaura Schoppe has presented dozens of national and international training sessions, workshops, lectures, and webinars on a wide range of tech transfer topics. Since founding Fuentek in 2001, she has led major technology transfer projects at leading universities and government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have sought her advice on strategic planning related to their intellectual assets. She also developed a successful systematic procedure at NASA for identifying “spin-in” partners for collaborative R&D and has presented and written extensively on open innovation–related topics, beginning with papers at the 2005 and 2006 International Astronautical Congress. She has an MBA in technology marketing from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, a masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University, and a bachelors in mechanical engineering and engineering/public policy from Carnegie-Mellon University.

stangle-castorDr. Nannette Stangle-Castor is a leading expert in technology transfer and business development, helping clients bring their most promising innovations into the marketplace to benefit society and develop win-win relationships. Nannette has served as a strategic consultant for several NASA field centers as well as numerous academic and corporate clients. She has more than a decade of experience helping forge partnerships and licensing deals and has helped secure millions in R&D funding for clients. She has been invited to deliver live and Web-based seminars on intellectual property, strategic partnerships, and open innovation. She holds a BS in biology from Alfred University, and a PhD in molecular pharmacology and cancer therapeutics from State University of New York at Buffalo.

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