webinarStop Reacting, Start Proacting Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing

A 60-minute webinar video for tech transfer professionals

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Stop Reacting, Start Proacting
Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing

With the dozens or even hundreds of patents in your portfolio, you may be wondering how on earth to start marketing them. Certainly you can start by promoting them on your Web site and seeing what prospects come in, but that type of reactive marketing is not always the best way to get deals for a technology.

To get the most deals—and the best deals—you often have to be proactive in your marketing. But budgets are not bottomless, so you have to be efficient as well.

Don't wait for your licensing prospects to come to you! Learn how to create a proactive and strategic action plan so you can go out and get them, using Fuentek's proven methodology.

This webinar tells you how.

"I thought the webinar was great! And so did the 3 others in our office that attended with me… We had a discussion afterward about how to integrate some of your processes with our current ones. Looking forward to the next one."

–Assistant Director of Technology Commercialization, major research university
This 60-minute webinar explains how to get the biggest bang out of your marketing buck by being proactive and efficient in selecting the technologies you market and developing the right plan for each one. We’ll help you learn how to:

  • Assess the technology’s market-based potential
  • Search for and identify qualified prospects
  • Choose the right marketing strategy
  • Prepare clear, persuasive marketing collateral

Led by Fuentek senior consultants Danielle McCulloch and Dave Wasby, this webinar will teach you how to develop a plan for proactive, strategic technology marketing that gets you the deals you need to achieve your goals and meet your metrics.

More about proactive, strategic technology marketing

A rapid screening is the key first step in technology commercialization. With just a few hours research, the screening tells you whether a newly reported technology has enough commercial potential to warrant further investment of resources.

assessment process
› More about the Fuentek Filtering Process

Once a technology passes the screening, the question is: What is the best way to move forward and get a deal? The answer is: It depends on the specifics of the technology and the market(s) where it appears to have potential. But how do you determine what those specifics are?

To be truly effective in marketing an innovation to potential licensees, more information is needed. If you do your homework—via market-based technology assessments—you can pursue proactive, strategic marketing that is cost-efficient as well as effective. (For more information about technology screenings and market-based assessments, see our Insights on technology evaluation.)

This webinar will teach you how to do this homework, which will prepare you for action so that you can get the most—and best—deals.

Meet the instructors

McCullochDanielle McCulloch has served as the lead trainer for in-person and webinar-based training of interns and tech transfer professionals at several major research universities. She also trains new Fuentek staff in the art and science of rapid technology screenings, in-depth market assessments, and other aspects of the tech transfer process.

wasbyDave Wasby has successfully led a range of technology transfer activities at Fuentek, including technology evaluation/triage through rapid screenings and in-depth market research as well as marketing innovations to secure license agreements for Fuentek clients. With more than 16 years of experience in new product development, Dave offers significant marketing experience, shaped by a 3‑year tenure at Procter & Gamble, followed by 17 years in the telecommunications industry. He holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill as well as a BS in mathematics from Vanderbilt University, and he served 6 years as an officer in the U.S. Army.

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