webinarA Step-by-Step Process for Technology Screenings: Technology Triage for TTO Professionals and Interns

A 90-minute webinar video for tech transfer professionals

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A Step-by-Step Process for Technology Screenings:
Technology Triage for TTO Professionals and Interns

Whether your tech transfer office receives dozens of invention disclosures per month or only a handful, making the "technology triage" decision in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner is essential. How do you make it an economical and time-saving decision?

The answer is easy: Perform technology screenings following the Fuentek Filtering Process.

Making it happen: Purchase Fuentek's webinar video on how to do technology screenings.

"I thought the webinar was great! And so did the 3 others in our office that attended with me… We had a discussion afterward about how to integrate some of your processes with our current ones. Looking forward to the next one."

–Assistant Director of Technology Commercialization, major research university

This 90-minute webinar provides an overview of Fuentek's step-by-step process for conducting an effective technology screening. Learn about:

  • Reviewing a technology disclosure and other background
  • Finding the most useful intellectual property (IP) and market data
  • Using keywords effectively to quickly generate meaningful results
  • Analyzing the data obtained to develop a rating to prioritize the technology
  • Writing a screening report that provides just the right amount of information for the office's decision makers as well as the innovator

Led by Fuentek’s founder and president Laura A. Schoppe and senior consultant Danielle McCulloch, this webinar is based on sessions conducted at a major research university.

More about interns and technology screenings

"Well organized, useful
and engaging webinar—thank you!

– Tech Transfer Professional, federal laboratory

Technology screenings are a preliminary evaluation of a technology's commercial potential based on a brief, targeted amount of online and database-driven research. Separating the wheat from the chaff, screenings are an expedited and economical process for identifying those technologies that show promise and should receive further study via an in-depth assessment and then marketing for licensing. (For more information about technology screenings, see our Insights on technology transfer evaluation.)

Technology screenings can be prepared by seasoned professionals in the TTO. However, screenings are an ideal activity for TTO interns. With proper training and mentoring, interns can perform effective screenings that give them the most ground-level experience while providing the greatest value to your office and not distracting your staff from their tech transfer duties. (For more information, see our Insights on intern programs.)

Regardless of who in your office performs technology screenings, this video will be a key resource in establishing an effective technology triage process in your TTO.

About the instructors

schoppeLaura A. Schoppe has presented dozens of national and international training sessions, workshops, lectures, and webinars on a wide range of tech transfer topics, including social media. Since founding Fuentek in 2001, she has led major technology transfer projects at leading universities and government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have sought her advice on strategic planning related to their intellectual assets. The winner of several business awards, Laura has several publication credits and was featured on National Public Radio in 2010.

McCullochDanielle McCulloch has served as the lead trainer for in-person and webinar-based training of interns and tech transfer professionals at several major research universities. She also trains new Fuentek staff in the art and science of rapid technology screenings, in-depth market assessments, and other aspects of the tech transfer process.

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