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In everything we do, Fuentek:

  • Provides our clients with actionable roadmaps for success
  • Helps our clients fulfill their strategic vision
  • Builds our clients’ capabilities

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What We Do

Since 2001, Fuentek has provided high-quality services to help clients successfully and cost-effectively achieve a variety of goals:

Establishing/Building technology transfer offices (TTOs)

  • Analyzing TTO structure and functions to optimize operations, enhance engagement, and align policies with current goals
  • Establishing effective processes and streamlined procedures
  • Building a strong reputation internally and externally
  • Developing top-quality websites
  • Selecting/Developing powerful knowledge/information management systems
  • Communicating proactively with stakeholders
  • Planning and implementing impact-oriented strategies
  • Establishing and tracking useful metrics
  • Training staff and developing/implementing intern programs

Innovation/IP portfolio optimization

  • Eliminating backlogs
  • Utilizing market research and competitive intelligence effectively
  • Making sound patenting decisions
  • Prioritizing technologies, projects, and opportunities
  • Boosting innovator participation via outreach/education

Establishing agreements for technology licenses, collaborative R&D, and other partnerships

  • Preparing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Developing and distributing marketing collateral
  • Connecting with and vetting prospects
  • Negotiating agreements and performing valuations

Implementing open innovation and technology sourcing

  • Formulating needs statements with detailed requirements
  • Identifying prospects to fulfill technology sourcing needs
  • Securing sponsored research and other funding

Strategic planning for innovation-based organizations

  • Boosting economic development
  • Establishing effective strategic alliances and business relationships
  • Enhancing interactions with innovators and stakeholders
  • Planning industry and innovator events to achieve maximum impact and outcomes
  • Establishing new initiatives to achieve measurable goals
  • Conducting benchmarking and impact studies and organizational analyses
  • Planning and implementing effective communications campaigns

Fostering entrepreneurship and startups

  • Training for innovators, researchers, professors, and students
  • Evaluating startup opportunities
  • Supporting business plan competitions

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