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Before Submitting SBIR/STTR Proposals, Request Free TABA Support
Small businesses submitting Phase I proposals to NASA this Friday have a valuable opportunity to request up to $6,500 in additional funding for Technical and Business Assistance (TABA). A relatively new program, TABA provides funding that is separate from the R&D budget for your SBIR/STTR project. So, TABA lets you obtain valuable market data and commercialization guidance at no additional cost to you.
Data Benchmarking to Evaluate Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Performance
For university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), a review of performance, structure, and functions—particularly in comparison to peer organizations—provides the opportunity to optimize internal operations, enhance engagement with internal and external customers and stakeholders, and revise policies and procedures to better align with current goals. Tracking data metrics is one way to accomplish key goals and prepare for future opportunities.
Promotions and Tenure: An AUTM 2020 Webinar on Current Trends and New Initiatives
We might not have been able to meet in person at AUTM 2020 in San Diego, but there’s no reason we can’t still have a session to discuss an important and evolving trend for university technology transfer offices (TTOs): Tenure and Promotion Trends: Current Initiatives to Take Commercialization into Account Tues., April 21, 2020 • 2:00pm EDT
Government Use of IP: Webinar Offering of AUTM 2020 Panel
Although the AUTM 2020 annual meeting was cancelled, we can still share best practices, information, and thoughts. Join us in a webinar version of the panel we had planned for: Government Use of Federally Funded IP: It’s Not as Simple as You Think Wed., March 11, 2020 • 1:00–3:00pm EDT
Calling All Universities: Promotion and Tenure Coalition Forming
The notion of incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) into promotion and tenure (P&T) decisions is by no means new. But making the concept a reality has been a struggle for many universities. Now, a diverse coalition of universities will be gathering for a September 16-18, 2020 P&T summit, thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the leadership of Professor Rich Carter from Oregon State University. Below is my conversation with Rich as we were preparing for a P&T session at AUTM 2020.
Looking Forward to #AUTM2020 in San Diego
Members of the Fuentek team will be joining hundreds of other technology transfer professionals from across the United States and around the world in San Diego, California, for the AUTM 2020 national meeting. Today’s post gives you a preview of two sessions we’re involved in as well as this year’s giveaways at Booth #504.
How to Get the Most Out of the AUTM Annual Meeting
AUTM 2020 is coming up March 8-11, and university professionals will gather in San Diego to learn about the latest developments in technology transfer and network with industry, investors, and other research institutions. Here is my advice for bringing back the greatest value when you return to your technology transfer office (TTO).
How to Improve Data Integrity at Your Tech Transfer Office
Garbage in, garbage out. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s also a truism for data integrity, as Becky Stoughton and I discussed at a recent webinar. Both of us know firsthand the importance of establishing and maintaining data integrity for TTOs. Since we had some valuable insights to provide to TTOs, let’s consider the tweets @fuentek sent out during the webinar in a little more depth.
Tenure and Promotion Trends: Key Takeaways from the AUTM Eastern Region Meeting
In October I was honored to moderate a session at AUTM’s Eastern Region Meeting in Raleigh, NC, delving into the wide range of initiatives that universities are undertaking to consider tech transfer activities in tenure and promotion reviews. Our panelists support the inclusion of commercialization activities in faculty advancement decisions and offered specific examples from their own experience for the field to consider moving forward.
Top Tips on Standard Operating Procedures for Tech Transfer Offices
Because technology transfer offices (TTOs) can greatly improve their performance and productivity by effectively using standard operating procedures (SOPs), Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe and I led a webinar on this very topic. Our insights are based on first-hand experience, best practices, and real-world examples from providing consulting services to dozens of TTOs. We live tweeted the presentation, and today I’d like to revisit and elaborate on those tweets.