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Sponsorships and Regional/Other Meetings Round Out AUTM Strategic Alliances Program Plan

If you’ve been reading the Fuentek blog recently, you already know a bit about the 2012 Strategic Alliances Program Plan for AUTM®. Rounding out our plans for the next year, we’re putting initiatives in place to promote sponsorship opportunities, enhance regional meetings, and attend other association meetings to attract companies from specific industries to engage in potential partnership discussions and attend AUTM events.

Sponsorship packages will help improve AUTM’s relationship with corporations and with service providers by offering exposure to the sponsors of AUTM events and meetings. Varying price levels and custom packages will be available, and sponsors will be able to choose from a menu of visibility options, such as mentions in the annual meeting program, Web exposure, etc. These sponsorship packages benefit AUTM members by spreading funding across events and publications that are beneficial to a broad base of the membership.

In addition, we are exploring ways in which we might structure regional meetings to include more participation from neighboring companies and universities. Several suggestions are on the table for offering themed content and tracks geared toward specific industries that are prevalent in certain regions, thereby making the meetings more relevant for corporations in the area to attend. At the moment, AUTM’s national annual meeting tends to attract a high number of pharma companies, so finding ways to attract other industries to our meetings will increase the potential for a broader range of partnership opportunities for AUTM members.

Finally, AUTM has plans to attend other association meetings to improve access between universities and industry for tech transfer efforts. AUTM attendance at other associations’ meetings can help educate those members about the value of working with AUTM members and the university technologies that can bring new opportunities to their businesses and the industries they serve. AUTM also will invite these associations to participate in the AUTM annual meeting, helping to facilitate partnership discussions between AUTM members and other associations.

These are just a few more ways Strategic Alliances is working to bring even more partnership opportunities to members of AUTM. If you’re not already a member, be sure to check out the benefits of membership. Or contact me through Fuentek’s Web site if you have questions.

–By Laura Schoppe