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USPTO Program Offers Expertise as Part of AUTM Strategic Alliances Program Plan

I’ve been blogging recently about the 2012 Strategic Alliances Program Plan for AUTM®. An area we’ve been working to assist with is providing valuable information about the state of the art in various industries for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A new USPTO program, kicking off this year, will be a big step forward toward this goal.

As part of the program, subject matter experts (SMEs) from universities will volunteer their time to give 45-minute lectures on specified topics. These webinar-based presentations will give USPTO representatives (many of whom are new to their careers) a highly efficient and cost-effective way to gather expert information about the industries for which they will be making patent decisions. These technical seminars will be followed by 30-minute Q&A sessions for the USPTO reps to clarify details or get additional information. And the sessions will be recorded for others to view on the AUTM membership site.

This program will be provided as a community service to the USPTO. While it costs the government nothing, it will benefit the USPTO representatives immensely by enabling them to gather critical information about the state of the art in a short amount of time, rather than logging hours toward outside research. What’s more, the program also offers AUTM members benefits, including giving universities the opportunity to interact directly and improve their relationship with the USPTO. The program also helps the patent community as a whole: the patent office is currently backlogged, so anything we can do to help them work more efficiently will benefit everyone involved in seeking or granting patents and the public that stands to benefit from those patents.

To get involved with this program, you must be a member of AUTM. Check out the benefits of membership if you haven’t already! Or, contact me through Fuentek’s Web site if you have questions.

–By Laura Schoppe