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AUTM Annual Meeting: A Before-You-Go Checklist

Are you ready?Updated January 2017

In my last post, I offered recommendations for connecting with potential partners while you’re at the annual meeting for AUTM®. Today I’m sharing more general advice for having a productive experience at the AUTM national meeting. I know it’s hard to make time for these things when you’re frantic preparing to be away from the office for several days and trying to clear the decks. But a little time invested up front will be well worth it.

Learn about Your Learning Opportunities

Do you need to get better informed about a specific aspect of technology commercialization? Check out the track-based schedule to identify sessions and events that are of particular interest to you.

Exhibit Efficiency

Review the list of exhibitors ahead of time and identify those you have particular interest in. That way you can make best use of your time in the Exhibit Hall. Note: Be sure to stop by the Fuentek booth to learn more about Fuentek and what we do.

What Worked Best for Me: After reviewing the sessions and exhibitor information, I used AUTM Connect™ to add specific events to my schedule. By tentatively planning your schedule ahead of time, you won’t waste precious time figuring out where to go next.

Online Scheduling

As I noted before, AUTM Connect™ lets you create a schedule from conference events and meetings booked through the tool. You can also integrate it with your personal calendar. Remember: For any sessions you add to your schedule in the system, AUTM Connect will publicly display you as an attendee.

Mobile Readiness

Download and set up the AUTM Connect apps for whatever mobile devices you’ll have with you so that you can quickly access it during the meeting. When I explored the mobile version, I found many new features and an improved interface that make it definitely worth checking out.

Preparing to Take Notes

If you’re like me, you’ll take a lot of notes while at the conference for follow-up later. Think about the best way to do that to make them most actionable when you’re back in the office. Pen and paper is tried, true, and easy, but those notes are not searchable later. There are many note-taking apps available, although sometimes using them can be awkward. AUTM Connect allows you to make and save notes in the record for a specific session, and later you can retrieve them for searching and/or printing. What’s your plan?

Whatever your plan, consider downloading and/or printing the slides from key sessions ahead of time. Making notes on the presentation itself may make for a more meaningful takeaway. You can access them by logging into the AUTM Live Learning Center.

On a related note, a few weeks after the conference the AUTM Live Learning Center will offer session recordings (audio synched to the slides) a few weeks after the conference.

Let Me Give You My Card

Be sure you have plenty of business cards and copies of relevant handouts for when you’re networking with potential partners.


Good luck and good meeting!