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Be Ready to Engage Prospects: Advice and a Tech Transfer Webcast

There is no substitute for being prepared. Before you reach out to marketing prospects — or even place information about a technology on your website — be sure you have the resources to respond quickly.


Be Willing and Able

If someone makes an effort to inquire about a technology, the best time to hook that prospect is immediately. So, be ready to respond immediately. For example, if you’re going to be traveling, don’t send out a big email push just before you depart.

Also, be prepared with detailed information about the technology. And have the authority to discuss the details.


Be Flexible: A Real-World Example

As important as it is to be prepared, you also have to be flexible. Here’s a quick story about how events can transpire to change your carefully planned marketing timeline.

Fuentek once worked with a client to market an innovative, early-stage co-polymer gel that can be used with lithium-ion batteries. We engaged prospects using an online listing, email, and phone calls. One of the market leaders was prompt to respond, so we followed up right away. We had a qualifying call and then a conference call that included the inventor, which led to a series of interactions.

Initial plans were for a marketing campaign that would last a few months, but testing cycles requested by the prospect expanded that timeline substantially. At several points, we stopped to evaluate whether the time we were putting into the effort was worth it.

Since our prospect was a leading player in the field and was willing to conduct testing and provide input to development efforts, we decided it was worth continuing. While at times it seemed that things might be dragging on, the conscious decision to extend the timeline paid dividens.

Lesson learned: Be quick to engage and then don’t give up (to a point). Often the process can take longer than you expect.


How-To Advice: A Free Webcast

In our years of experience helping clients market their technologies, Fuentek has learned that proactive planning is critical for effective and cost-efficient marketing campaigns. So we’ve released a free webcast called “Preparing to Engage Tech Transfer Prospects.”

In less than five minutes you’ll learn how to:

  • Be persistent when initially engaging prospects
  • Creatively and respectfully reach out to prospective clients
  • Use various media to reach prospects with a compelling message

The webcast is excerpted from our Effective Technology Marketing: Getting to the Negotiating Table webinar, which provides proactive marketing strategies for tech transfer success.

If you would like to discuss how Fuentek can help you with your technology transfer marketing campaigns, contact us today.