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Best Practices for a Technology Commercialization Web Site

Prospects want easy access to information about technologies available for licensing. Providing them with a robust Web site is the best and fastest way to meet that requirement. Most every piece of non-confidential information about a technology can and should be incorporated into your Web site, including:

  • Technology overview
  • Business benefits
  • Comparison to current state-of-the-art
  • Technical specifications
  • White papers
  • Test results
  • Patents
  • Testimonials and success stories
  • Presentations, news items, and relevant events
  • Demonstrations, videos, podcasts, Webinar recordings

Your Web site should be Fresh, Functional, and Complete.

Fresh: Post content in a timely fashion, as soon as it is publicly available.

Functional: Make it easy to navigate through various technologies and within the pages for a given technology. Provide consistency across technologies for the repeat visitor.

Provide a robust search capability, driven by content-rich Web pages within your site. Be sure your site is search-engine friendly and can be easily indexed by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and the other major search engines.

Complete: Find a logical home for all relevant information on your Web site. If the information is public, prospects should be able to easily find it on your Web site.

What are your favorite sites to look at for technologies available for licensing? Chances are that the sites you enjoy are the sites where the information is fresh, functional and complete. The easier it is for people to learn about your technology, the higher your chances will be of licensing it.

—By Karen Hiser