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“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!” How to Describe Your Technology

To be successful in licensing your intellectual property, you have to be able to describe it well. A new paper gives some useful advice on how to write an effective technology description, which is a key aspect of marketing intellectual property. You can download the “How to Write an Effective Technology Marketing Description” paper.

First off, consider your AMMO:

  • A: Understand the audience: What industries are they from? What do they need? How technical are they?
  • M: Craft the message: What is the most important point that you want the reader to take away?
  • M: Choose the mechanism: Will you need different versions of the technology Web page for different audiences, or supplemental printed materials?
  • O: Determine the outcome: What will the call to action be and how will the success of the technology marketing description Web page be measured?

Next, make sure your description includes the key information:

  • One-paragraph introduction that summarizes the technology commercialization opportunity
  • Bulleted list of benefits
  • Bulleted list of applications
  • Technology details section: What it is, what it does, why it is better than competitive technologies
  • Supporting information: Patent status, links to published information
  • Call to action/contact information

You can see samples of this approach in the entries on the available technologies page of Fuentek’s Web site.

Most importantly, remember that marketing intellectual property is an iterative process. So, monitor your audience’s feedback. If you are hearing that they need additional information or clarification, implement those changes as soon as possible. That’s the advantage of posting your technologies on your technology transfer office’s Web site rather than in print.

Lots more details are included in the technology marketing description paper. Check it out.

What are some of the best technology marketing pages you’ve seen in your online travels?