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Shark Tank and Beyond: Helping Researchers Pitch to Investors, Licensees, and Partners

Shark_iStock_000054215058Today you get a sneak peek at a webinar I’ll be moderating to teach technology transfer offices (TTOs) how to coach researchers on speaking with potential collaborators, funders, licensees, and others. These skills also apply when the innovator is launching a startup and talking to venture capitalists (VCs)… even those featured on Shark Tank.

Called “Best Practices for Coaching Researchers on Pitching to Investors, Licensees, and Partners,” this Technology Transfer Tactics webinar will focus on:

  • Why it’s important for TTOs to help innovators with their pitch
  • Examples of how TTOs can work with innovators
  • Tools to use in developing the pitch

This webinar is perfect for TTOs at universities that are looking to increase their deal flow in terms of licenses, partnerships, and startups. That is to say, all universities . Similarly, it’s ideal for government lab TTOs and their counterparts at other research institutions. Even private companies can use the information that will be shared during the webinar.

Zachary Shulman of Cornell University will focus on coaching innovators who are going the entrepreneurial route. What do they need to sell a technology to a VC? Zach will lay out what VCs want — and need — to know from your entrepreneurial researcher.

Laura Fobel will discuss some of the successful inventor-preparation efforts at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, where she is the TTO chief. Do you have an innovator who rambles, has “loose lips,” or is painfully shy? Laura will give you the techniques to help them be more successful.

Then Fuentek’s Becky Stoughton (who was part of the Fuentek team that trained entrepreneurial researchers in Poland during the past year) will present the tools that researchers need when talking to any audience, including:

  • IP management personnel at your university, lab, or corporation
  • Potential collaborators or other types of partners
  • Potential licensees at large or small companies (if licensing)
  • Potential investors, such as government economic development granting agencies, venture capitalists, angel investors, even friends and family (if forming a company or needing initial startup funds)
  • Potential management team members or employees
  • Potential customers

Wondering how to help researchers outline their pitches? Becky will give TTOs — and the researchers they coach — guidelines for presenting innovations clearly, succinctly, and in a way that resonates with the audience.

Note: A recording of the live webinar is available here.