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Choosing the Right Marketing Mechanisms

There is so much preparation that goes into technology transfer marketing, and one of the most important steps is choosing the right mechanisms for the message you’ve crafted for your technology.

Fuentek typically chooses among a range of mechanisms, depending on our client’s technology, the target prospects, and the expected return on investment (the O in AMMO). In our new webcast, we lay out some tips and guidance about choosing mechanisms for your technology marketing efforts. In less than five minutes, this free webcast will give you details about:

  • The factors that will help you determine the best mechanisms to use to target your prospects
  • Mixing and matching a combination of mechanisms tailored to the specific technology you are marketing
  • Choosing among traditional, digital, and social media marketing mechanisms

Webinar: A Step-by-Step Process for Technology ScreeningsSpeaking of social media tools for technology transfer marketing, you might also be interested in our free webcasts about marketing your technologies online in general and, more specifically, using blogs and using inventor podcasts for technology marketing.

Of course, choosing the right marketing mechanisms is a logical step assuming you’ve screened your technologies and are proactively planning for strategic technology marketing. We have webinars on both of these topics that might be helpful to you—just click on the images at right.Webinar: Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing

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