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New White Paper Will Help Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Program

Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices

Fuentek has released a new white paper: “Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices”

We’ve blogged often about the importance of digital channels in your communications strategy. Most recently, we’ve offered free webcasts with tips on marketing your technologies online and choosing the right mix of marketing mechanisms. Now, we have released an exciting new white paper that offers all of our best practices in one read.

I wrote “Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices” with Fuentek founder and president Laura Schoppe as an all-inclusive primer about planning and executing a comprehensive digital media program for TTOs. Packed with practical tips, the white paper gives in-depth advice about:

  • Planning your digital media strategy
  • Maintaining a dynamic Web site
  • Using IP exchanges and open innovation portals
  • Using e-mail marketing
  • Leveraging social media tools
  • Contributing to the blogosphere
  • Navigating the microblogging superhighway
  • Integrating video marketing
  • Evaluating the return on your digital media investment

A quick registration is all that’s needed to access the paper. And while you’re on our In-Depth Insights page, you might want to also download the “How to Build an Effective Technology Transfer Web Site” white paper or check out our “How I Rode the Social Media Wave” webinar.

Take a look at the new digital media guidelines paper and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment below, or feel free to contact us privately.


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