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Does Water Freeze on Mount Everest?

Photo credit: Scott Parazynski

Temperatures on a “good” summer day on Mount Everest typically hover at -15 degrees Fahrenheit , with wind chills plunging the perceived temperature to a bone-chilling -63 °F. Fortunately, Scott Parazynski—former NASA astronaut, medical doctor, and alpine climber—climbed Everest using his innovative Freeze-Resistant Hydration System, now available for licensing from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Scott’s patent-pending hydration system, which relies on a combination of passive insulation techniques as well as an active heating system, kept his beverages liquid during his climb to Camp IV. Hear Scott talk about the origins of the hydration system, its design and his experiences on Everest in our new podcast.

Listen to this interview with
the hydration system inventors.

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–By Karen Hiser