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The Dos, Don’ts, and Benefits of TTO Use of Social Media

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of serving on a panel discussing the rising trend in Technology Transfer Office (TTO) use of social media to market intellectual property portfolios. Sponsored by Technology Transfer Tactics, the webinar was designed to help participants develop—and execute—a plan to be most effective.

Social media provides new mechanisms for reaching a larger and different audience than what TTOs have traditionally targeted. For example, panelist Dee Anderson talked about how he has leveraged LinkedIn to reach out to his alumni network. He has set up several groups within LinkedIn to help him target his message more appropriately—one group is a network that helps him identify potential leads for specific technology licensing opportunities, while another is more of an execute committee that helps spread the word on Brigham Young University successes.

Shirley Jamieson shared her tips on how to best leverage video to communicate the value of your technology. For example, she added graphics to a video to help explain the microscopic attributes of a chemical sequencing technology. Shirley is head of marketing for Cambridge Enterprise Limited, which is the University of Cambridge’s commercialization office.

Lindsay Polak and I covered the dos and don’ts of blogs and Twitter as well as the benefits of these social media tools. Fuentek’s perspective on this topic has been covered in recent blog posts by Jack Spain and Karen Hiser. As marketing and communications manager at the University of Colorado’s TTO, Lindsay noted that maintaining a consistent presence in either the blogosphere or Twitter-world was critical.

You can order a copy of the Use Social Media Effectively to Market Your Innovations webinar and hear it for yourself.

What social media tools are you using?


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