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Webinar: Effective Technology Marketing: Getting to the Negotiating Table

If you’ve kept up with Fuentek’s webinar series, you know by now that we are committed to perfecting and sharing technology transfer best practices.

Effective Technology Marketing webinarIn our previous webinar, “Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing” we gave step-by-step, how-to details on performing market-based technology assessments so that tech transfer offices can be more proactive and efficient in selecting the technologies to market and identifying the key next steps.

Now, our new webinar, “Effective Technology Marketing: Getting to the Negotiating Table,” goes a step further in helping you make the most of a limited marketing budget. Our goal: To help technology transfer offices invest the right amount of resources to successfully bring the right technologies to the right potential partners for deal negotiations.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to put together the “just-right” marketing plan (not too much, not too little), scaled to your budget and the technology’s potential return on investment. We’ll also make sure you’re armed with the right AMMO: targeting the right audience, crafting the right message, using the optimal mechanism to deliver that message, and measuring the outcomes of your efforts. With our expert information, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify interested prospects efficiently
  • Recognize when a lead is not going to turn into a deal (so you can cut bait and save your resources for a better catch)
  • Understand when to modify or put a hold on your marketing efforts.

All of these skills will help you get to the negotiating table with maximum potential for success while minimizing the expense, making the most of your marketing budget.