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Favorite AUTM 2012 Moments

Danielle, Julie, and I are settling back into the swing of things now that we’re back from the AUTM® annual meeting in Anaheim. We’ll blog about our panels (which we previewed earlier) in the days to come. But today I wanted to recap some of my favorite moments from the conference.

AUTM's Global Technology PortalPositive Responses to the Global Technology Portal: I was happy to hear from so many AUTM members and industry representatives about the value of the GTP. It’s clear from the feedback I heard that the one-stop-shop nature of the portal is a real benefit to users. I expect we’ll hear more about GTP in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime check out this article in BIOtechNOW or watch this video that provides a tour of the site and an overview of how to use it.

Meeting AUTM Members at Our Booth: Although my schedule was such that I didn’t get to be at the booth very much, I was able to be there some and greatly enjoyed meeting with tech transfer professionals as well as others attending the conference.

Laura Speaks With Booth Visitor

Meeting Stanley Kowalski of the Pierce Law Center at the University of New Hampshire

Launch of the AUTM-USPTO Patent Examiners Training Initiative: As I mentioned in blog posts from last Thursday and Friday, AUTM has teamed up with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help identify key faculty to provide specialized technical training to patent examiners who work on the various technologies submitted for patenting. I encourage you to fill out the request to participate form on the USPTO’s Patent Examiner Technical Training Program (PETTP) Web site to join this important initiative. (Read more about AUTM’s advice for participating in the AUTM-USPTO joint initiative.)

Robin Rasor (outgoing AUTM president) and Todd Sherer (incoming AUTM president)

Robin changes her mind! (Photo courtesy of Vicki Loise via @vloise)

Funny Moments: Outgoing AUTM president Robin Rasor graciously handed over the gavel to incoming president Todd Sherer… then changed her mind. (Actually, she seemed really eager to become PAST-president as fast as she could!)  Also, Alan Bentley was crowned King of the Annual Meeting. Funny stuff!

What are your favorite moments from AUTM 2012? Post a comment below. And if you have a photo to share, let us know and we’ll contact you so we can post it here. And it’s already time to start thinking about next year’s AUTM annual meeting. If you’re thinking of submitting a session topic for 2013, note that the deadline is April 16.