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Fuentek Goes to Hollywood (Florida) for #AUTM2017

Fuentek’s Becky Stoughton, Danielle McCulloch, and Laura Schoppe at AUTM 2016

The Fuentek team is getting ready to head down to Florida for the 2017 meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers® (AUTM®). AUTM’s national meeting provides a great opportunity for technology transfer professionals to network with universities, industry, investors, and research institutions. It’s also an excellent way to learn about the latest advancements in tech transfer and even advance your career.

Fuentek has long participated in the annual meeting, from moderating sessions to speaking and exhibiting. And this year is no exception. Here’s a sneak peek into our plans for this year.


Monday: Industry/Academia Connect and Collaborate

This forum is great for learning about industry needs. Universities can use the insights shared to match their technologies to companies’ interests, achieving more targeted marketing. You’ll also get great information to share with faculty, so they can start thinking about what new things they should be working on.

Over the years, Fuentek has attended this event to collect industry needs that we use when analyzing client technologies’ commercial potential. So we will definitely be there throughout the afternoon.


Tuesday: Applying Lean Startup Principles to Tech Transfer (Session E7)

More than buzzwords and bandwagons, this session relates aspects of the Lean Startup philosophy to tech transfer. It provides a fresh perspective on standard processes while recognizing that “going Lean” is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. These panelists will focus on providing useful tools:

  • Fuentek’s Becky Stoughton, formerly of the University of Texas at Dallas
  • Troy Brady of Auburn University
  • Malcolm S. Townes of Missouri University of Science and Technology

If you want to prepare a little for this session, check out Becky’s earlier blog post on this topic.


Wednesday: Save a Thousand Words: Creating Effective Technology Transfer Infographics (Session F4)

AUTM Conference Webcasting:  Even if you can’t attend AUTM 2017 in person, you can join a live webcast of select sessions, including this session on tech transfer infographics. Get the details here.

With their combination of design and text to present complex ideas or data, infographics can provide a compelling way to tell a tech transfer story. This session will present and discuss several examples of tech transfer infographics, including our Road to Technology Transfer and Cultivate Your IP infographics). These panelists will discuss the key components that make infographics relevant and useful:

  • Fuentek president Laura Schoppe
  • James Spencer of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Clifford Michaels of Emory University

You can read more about Fuentek’s infographics here. And you can see them in person at…


Exhibit Hall Booth #208

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the conference to spend time in the Exhibit Hall. While you’re there, take a few minutes to stop by and visit Fuentek at Booth #208. We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help you:

  • Optimize your patent portfolio and streamline IP management
  • Market technologies efficiently and effectively
  • Find sources of technology to address R&D challenges
  • Negotiate win-win deals that generate royalty revenue and sponsored research revenues or to in-license technologies from academia or other organizations
  • Establish effective university-industry collaborations
  • Achieve more efficient and effective office operations and structure
  • Communicate effectively with various stakeholders
  • Enhance entrepreneurship within the larger organization

We look forward to seeing longtime friends and meeting new colleagues at AUTM 2017. To schedule a time to meet with me, Becky, or Laura to discuss how Fuentek can help your organization achieve its IP management and other strategic goals, use AUTM Connect.